Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

I am disappointed to not be able to cheer on my hometown Eagles on Sunday but I am happy to offer my support to The Steelers, a close second fav team and still state property.
Does anyone besides me see the similarity?

Art Imitates MY Life

So tonight, I expect everyone to watch Ghost Whisperer so hubby will continue to have a job. I just want to add that JLove's wardrobe has been oddly resembling my own lately. If she is wearing anything in my closet in tonight's episode I am going to seriously start questioning what exactly is going on.

Here she is wearing my J.Crew coat that I only wear occassionly, saffron doesn't go with everything after all.

French People Have Cool Stuff

I don't mean to complain, but French people seem to have really cool decorative accessories. I mean, they have the French flea markets and Laduree, do they really get to have all the new designer stuff too?

I found some of these gems while flipping through Marie Claire Maison's December Gift Guide.

Marie Claire Maison
This magenta gift room is a little less inspired than my porcelain table but I will indeed take that nifty tea towel with the handsome French cyclist please.

Marie Claire Maison

And the ceramic of this Tristan Zimmerman old-timey Victrola is too incredibly cute. coupled with the red cotton wall clock, I am just starting to get angry at this point. Give us some of your cool stuff French people!

Brilliant Design or Flawed Idea?

Marie Claire Maison

Why didn't I think of this while I was living in college? I don't have much need for this Stefan Buchberger design for Electrolux now, but it would have come in handy back then. Consisting of stackable mini fridge units, each "flatmate" can have their own personal cool space. There are sections for veggies, frozen foods, and space tall enough to place upright bottles. Do they come with locks? No, hmm.

This could also be handy in the workplace. I fondly recall when I DROVE to pick up a delicious BBQ pizza from my beloved Fresh Corn Grill and ate only one piece deciding to share with hubby for dinner later. I placed the pizza box back into my refrigerator at work and went back to my desk. A couple of hours later, the sea hag who works in our archives department came up to my desk to ask me what was wrong with my pizza? It looked so tasty, why had I thrown it in the trash? As I go back to our kitchen, I see my scrumptious pizza had been violated. Someone had taken a bite out of one of the pieces and thrown the other six in the trash. The nerve! Come to find out it was my boss. If he didn't like my pizza he had stolen, why didn't he just throw away the piece he had so happily taken a bite from? Why did he have to throw away my entire pizza? Those other six pieces deserved to be eaten, not tossed aside like some average old Domino's pizza. I will never forgive him.

Now that I think about it, is this a flawed design? If people are too broke ass and lazy to afford or make the effort to buy their own food instead of eating someone else's food, would they be able to afford this snazzy stackable fridge? I don't know the cost of each unit as I found it in Marie Claire Maison but I would gander it ain't cheap. Brilliant concept, flawed idea?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Save the Dates & Google Chat

So I spent about an hour on Google video chat with the bride to be last night helping her get through some initial things before we jump head first into this planning. I helped her focus on dresses and it seems we both think J.Crew is a great option for her style and taste. We talked about a hot July wedding in Mexico and what fabrics will work best, colors to compliment the decor, bridesmaid dresses, flowers, etc. It was a productive evening and we got a lot accomplished in very little time.

My favorite part of our chat was their willingness to make a fun save the date versus a traditional one. We are going to make some sort of Luchador postcard. They are a goofy couple who like to have a good time and joke around so I think this is a great way to set the mood for their wedding weekend party.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Wedding Planner

Dasha Wright

Dasha Wright

Dasha Wright

Since my June 7 nuptials came off so dear friend Joanna (bouquet catcher = husband catcher) has enlisted me to help plan her Mexican I Do's. Here are a few inspiriational photos I have sent her. I don't think the whole Sacred Heart look will mesh with their beachy setting, but don't you just love that white filigree? It pops against all the red and turquiose. This will be a fun wedding to plan as she has great ideas and doesn't mind listening to others for advice. I'll keep you posted on the progress.


Is Domino really closing?
I can't take it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Marble Lova

Tria Giovan

Suzanne Kasler designed this bathroom for Tom Crowley for his Indianapolis home in 2002. I love the light shades of grey wallpaper and how it picks up the viening of the marble. So chic and yet calming at the same time.

Making Use of an Odd Space

Emily Minton-Redfield for Traditional Home

Eleanor Roper, editor of Traditional Home Magazine met some challenges when downsizing this year to a 1,400 sq.ft loft less than half the size of her previous bungalow in Atlanta. The natural light was the selling point, but the galley like layout was a challenge. Above is a silk covered settee in front of a console she mounted to the concrete walls. She strategically placed accessories like the Marrakesh style lanterns and balalaika to make use of the odd slope provided by the above staircase. Clever and lovely.

Lucite Cube Stools

Courtesy of John Bessler

Lucite cube stools? Yes, I'll take several. Designer Amanda Nisbet created an ocean front retreat for Traditional Home Magazine. Love the peacock color!

Top Design's Ondine Karady in Traditional Home

Ben Ritter Photography

Traditional Home Magazine has a great little blurb with Ondine Karady this month by Sabine Rothman and Chloe Lieske. Ondine was one of my favorite contestants on Top Design! The write up reads:

As a set decorator for movies and TV's Sex and the City, Ondine Karady is a pro at creating dramatic spaces. She also decorates the homes of actresses, musicians and tastemakers. But last fall, it was her turn to step in front of the camera on Top Design, emerging as one of the show's final three. Here, she shares her tips for creating a striking entry.

  • ACCENTS: Take a boring console to an auto-body shop to be lacquered in a vivid shade like cobalt.
  • FLOOR: Try a graphic rug - elegant and fun.
  • WALLS: Use grass cloth for textured color that wont compete with a bold window treatment.
  • CURTAINS: Heavily lined portiere curtains are a striking way to dodge drafts.
  • LIGHTING: Hang an ornate Venni-style glass chandelier. It will be a great focal point for a space with high ceilings.

For more information, visit

I have a lot of appreciation for Ondine and film industry decorators seeing as I am married to one.

Lucille for Armstrong

Photo courtesy of Traditional Home
How great is this add for Armstrong Laminate Flooring?
Lucy looks dashing, makes me miss her.

Happy Birthday Ryan

Today is my dear friend Ryan's birthday!

The City has a Villain

I can't really say that I am loving this spinoff of The Hills (or as I like to call it, Park LaBrea), but the wench of the production has definitely shown up. How unlikeable is Olivia Palermo? Seriously. She comes off so desperately jealous and lonely I almost want to feel sorry for her, almost. She gives Sicily a bad name. Oh, and miss perfect has obviously had a nose job.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

So my weekend was pretty low key. The highlight definitely was being able to catch up with some of my good gal pals for a drink at The Dresden.

Though this outing was brief, it held two major highlights.

1. Marty & Elaine. These musicians pictured right, looked like this about 25 years ago or else they have been body snatched by a couple of 350 year old zombies. Ya know when you listen to bad lounge music, and you know it's bad but you stay at said bar anyway just for the hell of it? Yeah well, it was that kind of night.

2. On my way out I passed by Sanjaya's sister. Only I noticed her, and I wanted to go back and hug her but my friends deemed such action a lil inappropriate.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Tile Walls Next on Trendwatch

So some are claiming that tile and mosaic walls will be all the rage when we are once again disgusted by wallpaper. This one here, courtesy of Hospitality Style, is made of recycled glass which makes me likey even more. Is this on trend? I think so.

As long as we are creating chic and sophisicated beauty such as this room and not a mosaic of the Last Supper, I'll back tile walls.

Happy Birthday Max Webb!

Today is my brother-in-law Max's birthday!

Out with the old...

As we say hello to a new President, we say farewell to an old one.

Friday, January 16, 2009

America's Best Dance Crew

I got into ABDC right from the jump.

I wanted to shake Lil' Mama until her bedazzled hat with attached ponytail weave flew across the stage, but I was still hooked. There is a definite sap factor, so and so is in the hospital, a fallen crew member watching from above, I'm doing it for you grandma! But nonetheless, I love this show.

Season one was hype and the Jabbawokeez were absurdity in the most amazing way. Season two didn't disappoint either. Supercrew was victorious over some crew from Texas that had no business being in the final two so I was pleased yet again.

My early two cents needs to allude to the first step crew, Strikers All Stars. Having gone to a Southern University, I did have the pleasure of seeing the black fraternities give their annual step show in the quad. I love step, it's exciting and unique and I am glad to see it represented. This crew is good but they may need to step up their dance moves to stay in the game.

Lady crew Beat Freaks is an early favorite. Their performance was the cleanest, hands down. In all fairness, a lot of these ladies are professional choreographers that came together to take this competition. Teresa Espinosa (red hair) was just on the gossip shows talking about how she introduced Britney Spears to Kevin Federline. You admit that shit? Okay, whatever.

Quest Crew was an all Asain group with their own barber on deck. They gave a great performance. Some insight, Hok is an alien. I have seen homeslice on another dance show, So You Think You Can Dance, and he got hops. He didn't bust out anything mind blowing other than an English accent, they must be holding back on him. Sly move Daniel son. Stay tuned to watch this kid fly through the fucking air.

Fly Kicks, sorry girls. Boxcuttuhz wasn't too bad but the nerdy dancer thing has been done. G.O.P. was group from Puerto Rico that wasn't too bad either but they got the boot in the end.

Ringmasters was a Brooklyn (Big Ups!) crew that was almost hard to watch. They showcased Flexin, a new movement comin out da hood which is all about contortion. Their performance was amazing but they didn't dance a whole lot. Oh, and Lil' Mama had a moment. I think these guys will stick around but their limited dance moves may hurt them in the long run.

Dynamic Edition was some back woods version of Riverdance. Homeboys teefs were too distracting for me but I'll back this crew cause they remind me of Irish Jiggers which reminds me of Irish Travellers with which I am oddly obsessed.

More on Irish Travellers later, but here's some lovelies at awedding reception.


I cannot wait for Sunday's new episode of Big Love. I have some weird fascination with Polygamists, I don't know why but I do. I love watching 60 Minutes when they profile communes in New Mexico and Colorado, it's so scandalous!
Perhaps it's the wives' hair, it is truly amazing.

I will definitely be giving my two cents about the show, but until then, I just want to say that Jean Tripplehorne is lovely and I hope I look half as good as her when I am almost 50. I saw her at a party for Kelly Wearstler last year, and she has the most radiant skin, go on with your bad self Jean.

Goodbye Silver Fox....

Although I am a few days behind, I feel like I cannot properly end the week without pouring out a little Jesus juice for the departure of my first crush from this cruel earth....

Mr. Roarke, or "Boss" as Herve used to call him, brought me many a nights of viewing enjoyment as a child of 4 years old. I will never forget sitting on the bed next to my dad, a half empty glass of Cutty Sark, and the wafting smell of Benson & Hedges while enjoying the joy of youth and that which was Fantasy Island. He was my first love and he will be missed.

RIP Ricardo Gonzalo Pedro Montalbán y Merino

Ask and ye shall receive.

My humble blog has begun. Don't blame me, you asked for it.

Please see the best Christmas present ever. #6 Bronze Harry Allen. Jealous?

That being said....I want to give a shout out to a couple of the best blogs out there, that I read everyday and am proud to say I am besties with their ridiculous writers:

Your amazing blogs have inspired me to start my own, I will try to make your proud.

And of course my hubby, thank you for giving me the kick in the Chateau to get my blog going.

Kisses, Lu