Friday, January 16, 2009

America's Best Dance Crew

I got into ABDC right from the jump.

I wanted to shake Lil' Mama until her bedazzled hat with attached ponytail weave flew across the stage, but I was still hooked. There is a definite sap factor, so and so is in the hospital, a fallen crew member watching from above, I'm doing it for you grandma! But nonetheless, I love this show.

Season one was hype and the Jabbawokeez were absurdity in the most amazing way. Season two didn't disappoint either. Supercrew was victorious over some crew from Texas that had no business being in the final two so I was pleased yet again.

My early two cents needs to allude to the first step crew, Strikers All Stars. Having gone to a Southern University, I did have the pleasure of seeing the black fraternities give their annual step show in the quad. I love step, it's exciting and unique and I am glad to see it represented. This crew is good but they may need to step up their dance moves to stay in the game.

Lady crew Beat Freaks is an early favorite. Their performance was the cleanest, hands down. In all fairness, a lot of these ladies are professional choreographers that came together to take this competition. Teresa Espinosa (red hair) was just on the gossip shows talking about how she introduced Britney Spears to Kevin Federline. You admit that shit? Okay, whatever.

Quest Crew was an all Asain group with their own barber on deck. They gave a great performance. Some insight, Hok is an alien. I have seen homeslice on another dance show, So You Think You Can Dance, and he got hops. He didn't bust out anything mind blowing other than an English accent, they must be holding back on him. Sly move Daniel son. Stay tuned to watch this kid fly through the fucking air.

Fly Kicks, sorry girls. Boxcuttuhz wasn't too bad but the nerdy dancer thing has been done. G.O.P. was group from Puerto Rico that wasn't too bad either but they got the boot in the end.

Ringmasters was a Brooklyn (Big Ups!) crew that was almost hard to watch. They showcased Flexin, a new movement comin out da hood which is all about contortion. Their performance was amazing but they didn't dance a whole lot. Oh, and Lil' Mama had a moment. I think these guys will stick around but their limited dance moves may hurt them in the long run.

Dynamic Edition was some back woods version of Riverdance. Homeboys teefs were too distracting for me but I'll back this crew cause they remind me of Irish Jiggers which reminds me of Irish Travellers with which I am oddly obsessed.

More on Irish Travellers later, but here's some lovelies at awedding reception.

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