Friday, January 30, 2009

Brilliant Design or Flawed Idea?

Marie Claire Maison

Why didn't I think of this while I was living in college? I don't have much need for this Stefan Buchberger design for Electrolux now, but it would have come in handy back then. Consisting of stackable mini fridge units, each "flatmate" can have their own personal cool space. There are sections for veggies, frozen foods, and space tall enough to place upright bottles. Do they come with locks? No, hmm.

This could also be handy in the workplace. I fondly recall when I DROVE to pick up a delicious BBQ pizza from my beloved Fresh Corn Grill and ate only one piece deciding to share with hubby for dinner later. I placed the pizza box back into my refrigerator at work and went back to my desk. A couple of hours later, the sea hag who works in our archives department came up to my desk to ask me what was wrong with my pizza? It looked so tasty, why had I thrown it in the trash? As I go back to our kitchen, I see my scrumptious pizza had been violated. Someone had taken a bite out of one of the pieces and thrown the other six in the trash. The nerve! Come to find out it was my boss. If he didn't like my pizza he had stolen, why didn't he just throw away the piece he had so happily taken a bite from? Why did he have to throw away my entire pizza? Those other six pieces deserved to be eaten, not tossed aside like some average old Domino's pizza. I will never forgive him.

Now that I think about it, is this a flawed design? If people are too broke ass and lazy to afford or make the effort to buy their own food instead of eating someone else's food, would they be able to afford this snazzy stackable fridge? I don't know the cost of each unit as I found it in Marie Claire Maison but I would gander it ain't cheap. Brilliant concept, flawed idea?

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