Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Top Design's Ondine Karady in Traditional Home

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Traditional Home Magazine has a great little blurb with Ondine Karady this month by Sabine Rothman and Chloe Lieske. Ondine was one of my favorite contestants on Top Design! The write up reads:

As a set decorator for movies and TV's Sex and the City, Ondine Karady is a pro at creating dramatic spaces. She also decorates the homes of actresses, musicians and tastemakers. But last fall, it was her turn to step in front of the camera on Top Design, emerging as one of the show's final three. Here, she shares her tips for creating a striking entry.

  • ACCENTS: Take a boring console to an auto-body shop to be lacquered in a vivid shade like cobalt.
  • FLOOR: Try a graphic rug - elegant and fun.
  • WALLS: Use grass cloth for textured color that wont compete with a bold window treatment.
  • CURTAINS: Heavily lined portiere curtains are a striking way to dodge drafts.
  • LIGHTING: Hang an ornate Venni-style glass chandelier. It will be a great focal point for a space with high ceilings.

For more information, visit ondinekarady.com.

I have a lot of appreciation for Ondine and film industry decorators seeing as I am married to one.

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