Friday, February 27, 2009

Ione Skye's Mod Home

Who can forget Ione Skye in Say Anything? She flew under the radar for a few years but popped up in the recently in the late, great Arrest Development, still looking fantastic and if possible more beautiful. Remarried just months ago to Australian singer Ben Lee, Ione reminds us how stylish and casually cool she is all the while making it look easy. Domino featured her Los Angeles home which happened to be designed by her ex David Netto. Photography by Paul Costello.

She always looks flawless, even just out for a barefoot bike ride. Not fair.

Skye's daughter, right, enjoyed some ice cream with some children of Domino staff members.

The living room is the family and friends hub for activities. She uses this wool rug as a soft surface to sit down and eat, listen to records and read the New York Times. She likes the contrast the rug and the African pillows add to the clean lines of the home's modern architecture.

I really appreciate a nicely landscaped modern home. The curb appeal is so crisp and not overdone.

The painting of the magnolia tree is by Ione and she suggests hanging drawings and paintings over photographs as they feel more friendly. I couldn't agree more Miss Skye!

She manages to pull off some really organic looking pieces like this low slung birch dining table and some extremely shiny metals such as the desk in the background. Her daughter is just too cute!

Most of her furniture is between 16 and 20 inches from the ground. She feels as though it is more inviting this way. She had this table shortened so her frequent guests can sit and eat Japanese-style.

Ione keeps this backgammon board out for easy pick up games. She hosts get-togethers and always has music playing.

Guests are expected to help themselves when they come over. She loves the look of the open cabinets and neatly stacked plates.

Maybe one day I'll run into Ione in Trader Joe's and she'll ask me over for a cup of orange juice.

The open door policy of the house makes guests feel at ease to swim, watch movies and eat anything in the fridge their heart desires.

HELLO KITTY! Using adult versus child size furniture in her daughter's room brings in a more integrated feel. The jute rug and cube chairs are utilized heavily in group play dates.

Ione keeps the toys limited to her daughter's room. Amen for that. Honestly, I don't have kids but I do have an artist husband and I drive myself crazy trying to constantly keep our home looking chic and not like a painter's studio. There's a place for everything people, and the living room isn't it!

Her office is connected to her bedroom so she has decorated with objects that inspire creativity as she uses the space to write and peruse the Internet. A mid-century photo by John Swope and a Doberman statue keep watch.

Her bedroom is more like a den, used to watch movies with friends and lounge around for good conversation. The rattan pieces pulls the natural elements of the beamed ceiling together nicely with a hanging egg chair by the Netto Collection.

Ione married Ben Lee in December 2008 in a traditional Hindu ceremony in India.

Congrats Ione! Thanks for sharing your ultra cool pad with us!

Fendi Casa es Mi Casa

The hubs and I were looking for a new console a bit ago and we made our way into Fendi Casa on Robertson for a look. There is some outrageously beautiful pieces in there, including a hammered tin Fendi monogram vestibule table that I wanted so bad I was almost willing to buy it and have it cut down the four inches I needed for it to fit in our space. This add doesn't really do the store justice, it's super chic and luxurious. The store is by appointment only so you can't really just wander in, but if you want spend an afternoon surrounded by luxe furnishings and rugs, take the time to explore.

Liz Claiborne Spring Campaign

I am loving this new add for Liz Claiborne. When I get older I want to cut off all my hair and look just like this little lady on the phone, fabulous.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

And I'm Back....

My faith has been truly tested this week. First my Lanvin Lucite heels, then someone posting Tamra's phone number and email on my blog, as if that wasn't enough Bravo was cruel enough to give Carla the shaft on Top Chef. I know many of you were worried for me and how I might make it through, but I want you all to know that I am okay thanks in part to the Dior beauties above. They are not black patent leather but they do give me the inspiration to go on...


WHY??? Why Bravo? I am deeply saddened that Carla, the most amazingly adorable chef to ever live, did not take the title of Top Chef last night. Instead, some sweaty, bald, snaggle-toothed, bug-eyed douchebag won and I am seriously considering quitting Top Chef because of it. I have not been upset like this since the demise of my beloved Lanvin heels.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Last Night on Bravo

I am not going to comment on the RHOC reunion because there is frankly nothing to say. The only thing we learned is that Gretchen is a liar and that Tamra and Vicki are still hateful trolls. Lastly, if anyone is interested some Anonymous poster left Tamra's phone number and email on my open letter post, knock yourselves out.

I would like Gloria to adopt me the way she adopted Bethenny last night. Could this woman be any cuter? I love you Gloria!

The Perfect Chair + Side Table

Domino followed up the mirror console table pairing with a chair and suitable side table. Styling by Cindy Di Prima and photography by Kristen Strecker.

I like this first pair and how the angular lines of the chair are mimicked yet softened in the teak side table. I also like the size of the club chair and its height from the ground, aluminum legs not so much.

I love the twig table, it brings outside elements in and blends nicely with the wood grain texture of the rug. I could use it in almost every room in my house. Wing chair by Williams Sonoma.

Another example of that natural element is seen in this petrified wood side table from ABC Carpet & Home. Low slung chair by Paola Lenti.

An Eames table in an African style? Nice regency chair and nicely priced at $649 from Room and Board. I spy a cork side table? JaDIE! I could find so many things to do with this, and at $298 from DWR it is wallet friendly.

I like this pairing even though I feel like the zinc cube is a bit wide for the armchair. I have a similar chair in my dining room.

All this pair needs is a corner in the SLS and a couple of Wallpaper Magazines sitting on top and you've got instant hipster decor! And guess what? The chair is from Calico Corners, HA!

I feel like this pairing is nice but I think that the chair is far too wide for this space. I do like the table though and the chair would be amazing by a sparkling pool.

This is a great pairing indeed! Then again, this lacquered taboret would look cute with anything.

Irish Traveller Update

As I mentioned earlier, Irish Travellers are elusive creatures. In an effort to bring you the latest and greatest in cutting edge fashion and lifestyle choices, I have decided to expand my updates to pretty much anything that says glamour and elegance.

Fantasy at Greystone

If you are into historic and cultural landmarks or English Gothic Revival, you're familiar with the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills. Architect Gordon B. Kaufman built the estate for oil heir Edward Doheny Jr. in 1927 and it was recognized as a historic landmark fifty years later. Currently owned by the City of Beverly Hills, the mansion was styled by 28 interior and landscape designers this past November in an effort to raise funds for the ongoing restoration of the estate.

Each designer was given a room with instructions to bring his or her individual style but maintain the elegance and integrity of the estate. The Baronial style of the mansion includes a bowling alley, speakeasy, fire station and nine car garage in it's 55 rooms. Photography by John Ellis.

The ceiling and marble tiled floor in this room make my heart skip a beat.

I love the introduction of the zebra print in this mostly cream bedroom. It's the perfect punch of muted color.

Not a bad staircase, huh? All things said, this estate is nothing reminiscent of what our homes looked like growing up and a little too gaudy for my more modern tastes. I can still appreciate the craftsmanship and the beauty in the details.

Here's a great example of the toned down details that can make a room more comfortable. This gentleman's study by Peter Dunham looks inviting and rich. The black trim and patterned walls add so much depth.

And more loveliness in another sitting room. Joe Lucas and Parrish Chilcoat used Ferrick Mason fabric to upholster walls.

This might be my favorite room due in part to the Missoni-esque chair. Michelle Nussbaumer and Windsor Smith gave this lobby on the second floor some Asian flair.

I have never been a big fan of wood beamed daybeds but these are nicely placed in the master sitting room by Michelle Nussbaumer.

Loving this! Richard Shapiro used his many years of world travels as his inspiration for this drawing room. I really like the inegration of the different genres of artwork.

Reflecting pools don't come any prettier! Burks Hammer used accessories from Formations to decorate. And let me take this opportunity to mention that Nancy Goslee Power & Associates turned the fountain garden into the lovely space that it is. My firm works with Nancy often and she is the bees knees.

I could definitely stay in this guest room! Elizabeth Dinkel did such a nice job of mixing mod-California and Moroccan styles.

Hmm...not liking this room so much. You can't win them all.

And there's my Lucite coffee table. Gorgeous! As far as daybeds go, this one looks very inviting.

The salon d'art was styled by Katie Leede-McGloin. I really love the black walls and hints of black accessories in this space, it's chic yet relaxed.

Holy grand salon ballroom! Jack Fhillips used a Bradford Stewart painting over a carved neoclassical fireplace, what a nice contrast of styles.

JaDIE for this marble floor. I would never think to incorporate rattan and a jute rug in such a glamorous looking room but it works. Waldo Fernandez used Marimekko fabric to pull the colors and textures together.

James Lumsden designed this gentlemen's atelier with a young architect in mind.

And finally a game room designed by Tim Clarke. The peacock is throwing me off, it just is. I can take the ones on the table but the taxidermy is a bit much for such a sunny room.