Thursday, February 12, 2009

700 Square Feet of Fabulous

This Metropolitan Home piece by Raul Barreneche chronicles one of my worst nightmares but has a happy ending. Stephanie Snyder was blissfully living in her Upper East Side apartment when her landlord informed her his daughter would be taking over the space. RUDE! She had to relocate and wanted to stay within her current neighborhood. Her only need was plenty of sunshine, size was not important.
Stephanie wound up downsizing to a 700 square foot pied-a-terre previously owned by a Connecticut couple (Olivia?) for weekend jaunts to the city. She loved the views and the layout and hired designer John Barman to spruce up the interior.
Keeping the original dark hardwood flooring and paneling in the foyer kept the space's bones in tact. It wasn't necessarily Stephanie's tastes, but it worked.
Photos by Joshua McHugh
Foyer table from Holly Hunt

Barman would make only one structural change, which oddly was to enclose the kitchen pass-through that wound up making the space feel larger. He kept the marble slab counter and transformed it into a mantle in the sitting room. The ivory and white palette made things more feminine without resorting to florals. The interlocking ring coffee table is soo chic, no? And that PUG!

Barman did not make a proper dining room as he felt like defining such a space would make the pad feel smaller. Instead, Stephanie uses this over sized desk by Mattaliano also from Holly Hunt as a dining table when throwing dinner parties, which she does often.

Overhaul much? This low-slung sideboard is the only piece Stephanie brought with her from her former apartment. Stephanie says, "the great thing about living in a smaller space is getting rid of clutter. It was the ultimate editing experience".

Stephanie Snyder and John Barman enjoy her terrace sun.

This bedroom is fantastic and so luxurious. The mirrored cabinets provide extra storage and make the room feel bigger. A vintage chandelier and Lucite chair compliment the CB2 Coconut bed. Gorgeous.

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