Friday, February 13, 2009

Amour in Paris

In honor of tomorrow's sapfest, I figured I'd post something romantic that wouldn't make you all hate me even if you hate Valentine's Day. Elle Decor recently published a piece by Ian Phillips highlighting the Paris apartment of Marco Scarani and Jamie Creel. It's good to see these two made it through the "Bacanovic Storm" (I made that up) and are living it up in this decadent Parisian pad. Photography by Carlos Mota.

For those of you not familiar with Creel, he's the Bill Paxton doppelganger on the right. Creel owns the luxurious French soaperie L'Atelier du Savon. And if that doesn't work out he's got the whole Colgate/Palmolive heir thing to fall back on. Scarani is from a family of yacht builders.

This room has a lot of brassy elements but still comes off looking elegant. The Lucite lamps on the mantle sit in front of an 18th-century french mirror.

Eighteen months of structural alterations brought this Saint-German-des-Pres spot up to its current state. The time spent renovating provided ample time to search for the perfect furnishings. Creel is an avid antique hunter and when in Paris visits auction houses such as Drouot almost daily.

This table knocks my socks off! The chandelier is by Thomas Boog and the chairs were once owned by Gloria Guinness. When you hail from families that build yachts and own half of Long Island you can take risks by mixing 18th-century and modern pieces.

This Louis XVI medal cabinet was previously owned by Claude Roland. Creel admired this piece for years in Claude's apartment and acquired it after his death.

This chair is so sculptural yet inviting. The chair and console are both Philippe Hiquily from Galarie Yves Gastou.

In the foyer, a 1960's ottoman is paired with an Italian console.

Another view of the entrance hall displays the Manuela Zervudachi sculpture Transmission. An Eric Schmidt light fixture hangs.

It's hard to see the color of their kitchen, but it is a beautiful slatey-purple. I love how they display such delicate plant specimens in such a uniform way. Backgammon anyone?

Way to get sexy in the library! Creel has been known to collect architectural models and display them on shelves. I should see if he wants to buy any of the models I have hanging around the office. I'd give him a good deal.

Somehow I think of Patrick Nagel when I see this bathroom. Probably not a good thing? The nickel and brass tub is lovely but I feel like that chair is out of place?

JaDIE for this bedroom. That bench is gorgeous, a Louis XVI and a vintage Ramsay cocktail table. I love how the portal mirrors anchor the painted stripes on the wall. LOVE!

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Anonymous said...

I love love love this home so much!

Maybe our tastes aren't so different after all.