Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bird Feeders...Cause a Bird's Gotta Eat Too!

Domino Digital Studio
Domino's Dose today is all about Bird Feeders. This post is not to be read by my mother under any circumstances because she is maniacal over bird houses. At last count she had over 60 in the back yard. We need to stage an intervention.

That being said, I like birds, and I especially like Hummingbirds. We have several in the shrubbery in front of our house and I am in the market for a bird feeder so that I can be greedy and have even more hummingbirds.

In the Domino snippet above, I am loving the Egg Bird Feeder and the Ceramic Shelter, just based on where I would want to eat if I was a bird. They are the most aesthetically pleasing and they happen to be the most modern as well. Go figure.

Eva Solo
Eva Solo, a Danish design firm established in 1997, won an IF Design Award for the glass donut shape above. It really is beautiful and at $60, not too crazy. They have some other great bird feeders and other products as well, check them out at

Designer Jim Schatz
Here is another take on the Egg from Domino. This particular design is available at one of my neighborhood stores, Plastica. Plastica has lots of great retro and modern design, not to mention several eco-friendly products. The Egg sells for $135 and comes in several colors. My Hummingbirds would probably like this restaurant. For more from Plastica check out their website,

And here's an example of what not to do. Seriously? If I were that tree I'd be hella pissed.


Jilly in Idaho said...

Some of those are really great feeders. I really like the egg and the donut shape but I'm also old school and like traditional old, distressed houses (for birds) too.
I think you'll be disappointed if you buy a bird seed feeder for hummingbirds. They are nectar drinkers and like the color red. That's why the only feeder specifically for the little guys is one that holds the red liquid you mix up. Maybe their long little beaks are too small too eat anything solid.
That tree thing is just plain wrong. ugh.

Lucinda said...

Good to know, thanks!