Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bookshelf Wallpaper

Marie Claire Maison
We sometimes see this "Genuine Fake" Bookshelf Wallpaper featured in homes and cheeky restaurants to give instant ambiance. I don't know how I feel about this? I think having a room full of books says something about the homeowner, like they enjoy reading and hold onto books to use as references or like to keep what they have read. The wallpaper like the Deborah Bowness above, is more than just fake, it totally tricks you into thinking you are in the company of said person! RUDE! That being said, I think if I came across this wallpaper in a lovely French county side home, I wouldn't mind it so much. It is sort of chic in this big open room with the brick and the ceiling beam. Makes you want to curl up in that comfy chair and enjoy a good book! Oh wait, you can't, cause they're not real!!!

Deborah Bowness
More variations of Deborah's Library Wallpaper above. You can even get the librarian ladder. I wonder if she has any with card catalogues?
This is a "Wall Mural" and it is not chic or doable. It is ugly.

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BODIE and FOU said...

Designer duo Y & B just launched a new Bookshelf wallaper at £68 a roll

You can find it here