Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Carolina Herrera Jr.'s Madrid Pad

I can't even begin to tell you how jealous I am of this gal. Her mom is super chic designer Carolina Herrera, she has a great job developing fragrances and opening new CH stores, she married a bullfighter and now lives in a swanky antique filled apartment in Madrid. Oh and she's beautiful. Here's a look at her pad and some of her decorating secrets revealed. Text by Zoe Wolff and photography by Eric Cahan.

CH Jr. likes to combine styles and reinvent favorite pieces before getting rid of them. The artwork is a print from a book framed in wood and the zebra pouf was a gift from her parents that has been reupholstered two times.

So cute! This is a photo of Jr. with her mother in Venezuela when she was four. She has these personal touches all throughout the house which makes everything very warm.

She bought this settee on eBay and only had enough beloved fabric to cover the back and sides. She used a complimentary color for the seat, good thinking! She likes to buy sheets to mix and match, you and me both sister.

A better look at her bedroom reveals a canopy bed and a mesh of different fabrics and patterns. The bed itself was something she desired from an Italian magazine. She had a friend who was an iron worker take a look at the photo and copy it to fit her bedroom proportions. Knockoff!

And here's why her apartment is so looks real and not staged! Her displays are casual yet artsy, the place actually looks lived in. Very European chic.

So the hubby, Miguel Baez, is a retired bullfighter as of now and he currently breeds bulls. She's like the Spanish Ricky Low-Beer. It's all very romantic.

An accessorized vestibule table with Venetian glass mirror.

The blackboard was a dumpster dive treasure she found outside of a school over ten years ago in NYC. The lower right picture is of her husband as age 18.

More lovely images from CH Jr.s Madrid apartment.

I love this bathroom! She wanted a place she could hang out in so she incorporated a vintage chaise, fabric walls, wall to wall carpet and a cow skin throw.

This gal is a great shopper, thrifty and green. It's rather refreshing to see fashion royalty living so responsibly, bullfighting aside. Above are some of her favorite shops and hangouts.

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Caroline said...

I so love coming to your blog! Congrats on the engagement! So jr's place is to die for. it's real, classy european!
Thanx for the eye candy