Friday, February 13, 2009

A Chaise for my Cousin

My dear cousin Brianna called me the other night for a little help in picking out a chaise for her beau's Boca Raton bathroom. The first thing I asked was if she was willing to reupholster her old one, I was thinking a great David Hicks fabric, but alas, the current chaise is too large and they want something smaller. My Eco Efforts had failed. I haven't been to his home, but I am guessing it is Tuscan, over sized shabby chic so I had a big task on my hands aside from the part of finding a chaise smaller than her original 38 x 69 piece. When dealing with a taste different than your own it's always a bit difficult but I feel as though I was victorious. Some of the original ideas she had was:

Haverty's Dinah Chaise. She liked this look but it was too big. Good!

Villa D'Oro Chaise. I tried to let her know that chunky was OUT, and did my best to send her some more refined and elegant pieces that would play better in a bathroom. Here is what we wound up with:

Z Gallerie Elizabeth Chaise. I think the colors will work in her bathroom and it will give a more sleek and updated feel. Success!

Our journey from THIS to THIS made for several pretty choices along the way.

I love Plantation, I like their relaxed elegance and organic concepts. The Plantation Riviera Chaise would have been a good option for her as they will make any piece to size.

Restoration Hardware Barclay Chaise. I love a tufted chair!
Another option from Williams Sonoma Home, Easton Chaise.

1st Dibs had some great pieces, of course! Above is Grosfeld's 1920's Chaise upholstered in burlap. Burlap? Don't know about all that. I hate that word! BURLAP! It's obnoxious!

Battersea had this 1880's Chaise from Belgum. Beautiful.

Bulsamo 19th-century Napoleon curved back chaise.

A Chinoiserie piece from HollyHock. Note the foot stool.

A Drake 19th-century Irish chaise.

Next I am going to consult with her on a round ottoman for the closet.


Anonymous said...

Our furniture guy who made our original chaise is going to cut it down a bit and reuphoslter it in a similar fabric as the z gallerie elizabeth chaise you liked.... so we are eco-friendly now :)

p.s. that 2nd chaise you posted that i liked for a second is hideous. what was i thinking?


Lucinda said...

I love you!

maison21 said...

i'm glad you steered your cousin in a slightly chicer direction!

and burlap is FIERCE. i'd love to recover my living room sofa in it, but out of courtesy to guests, i'm going to refrain (it's itchy to those of you who might be wearing skirts or dresses with exposed legs. i only sit on it when entertaining, which means long pants, so not a problem for moi!)