Monday, February 2, 2009

Door Knockers in Domino

I love me some door knockers, earrings too. These were some cute ideas for said subject as shown here in Domino's Renovator's Notebook. I recently broke down and bought my own door knocker. Eight years with no doorbell is actually quite nice, except for when fools knock on my window and there was that one incident where a major fool knocked too hard. Anyways, here are some of my favorites out there.

The ominous croc is adorable for any home if you're into the whole safari look. They used to make great handbags too. I kinda wish I had a summer house so I could hang him on my door.

I just purchased this little guy as I have a recent obsession with foxes. I ordered him and I'm hoping he'll be here this week. I'll post the installed fox once I get him.

Michael Healy has a great selection like the pine cone from the Domino post. I also like this little acorn for those of you not really ready for a pine come.

This is just super corny. And I don't necessarily think having children is an excuse for this kind of decor faux pas. If you own this currently, you're a total cornball.


Jilly in Idaho said...

Hi ~
I was just cruisin' by and the door knockers stopped me. The idea of one never really crossed my mind since we have a storm door, doorbell and a peep hole. But I love the look of them, maybe one could go on the house next to the front door. For a decorative look and a little different use for one.
Here's my take on some of them:
Love the Uptown Noir - Would work on a lot of styles.
Love the Woodpecker - But would call it a crow or raven. Not liking the Woody idea.
Like the Sea Shell - Great for coastal living but wouldn't work for most places.
Colonial Hitching Post - Looks like a bathroom towel ring.
Liking the Croc - Just because, would also be good if it was a gekko.
Winnie the Pooh - Should only be used in Disneyland or Disney World. Definitely one for the obsessed, you know the ones that decorate with Mickey all over the inside their homes. (shudder)

Lucinda said...

I couldn't agree more. I meant to say how I liked the little woodpecker yet they labeled it weird, poor little guy.

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