Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Greyhounds on a Grey Day

Domino's helpful column, "Monika Finds It", would feature those key items that always stick out in editorials or great rooms that you just had to have but couldn't find anywhere. Monika Biegler's first must have item was the attentive Greyhound made famous in Santa Monica's Viceroy Hotel. Kelly Wearstler used these tall porcelain statues in this project and many others as she has an affinity for using animals in her decor. The source Wearstler used has since discontinued them but Monika found a similar Greyhound from Kaviick's Accents, available online at www.kaccents.com for $259.95.

I had a bad experience with a roommate's Greyhound in college. Huggybear was a retired racing dog and he was batshit crazy. He would eat through doors and moan and cry whenever my roommate went to class. One morning I awoke to moaning and howling and my other roommate screaming, "SHUT THE FUCK UP" and the next day Huggybear ate a friend's cat and Huggybear moved to the country with our roommate Carolyn.

Despite this trauma, I do love these chic statues. I wanted some to flank my sideboard under my television so I started looking for them awhile ago and before I dug this issue of Domino back out. I found a place in Marina Del Ray but they only get a shipment sometimes and they come from North Carolina. They had no idea when their next shipment would be. I had also found them on Ebay but the shipping seems like a hassle! They were concrete and not porcelain but there was this whole I don't ship, call me to arrange shipping crap and I couldn't be bothered.

Hubby came to the rescue finding a pair in an antique shop, see my Goldhounds below.

They are a little on the beat up side but I think they have more charm this way.

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♥ Chloe said...

Greyhounds are batshit crazy; my mom has an Italian Greyhound (mini Greyhound) and Rocco has so many issues that he could make the worst of rescued dogs appear normal.

He'll randomly decide to be scared of the staircase (that he's been going up for years); he'll howl and cry and whine if someone even looks at him the wrong way. He's always cold and will nestle his nose where ever there's warmth. Where ever there is warmth.

Those statues are pretty darn neat, though.