Friday, February 27, 2009

Ione Skye's Mod Home

Who can forget Ione Skye in Say Anything? She flew under the radar for a few years but popped up in the recently in the late, great Arrest Development, still looking fantastic and if possible more beautiful. Remarried just months ago to Australian singer Ben Lee, Ione reminds us how stylish and casually cool she is all the while making it look easy. Domino featured her Los Angeles home which happened to be designed by her ex David Netto. Photography by Paul Costello.

She always looks flawless, even just out for a barefoot bike ride. Not fair.

Skye's daughter, right, enjoyed some ice cream with some children of Domino staff members.

The living room is the family and friends hub for activities. She uses this wool rug as a soft surface to sit down and eat, listen to records and read the New York Times. She likes the contrast the rug and the African pillows add to the clean lines of the home's modern architecture.

I really appreciate a nicely landscaped modern home. The curb appeal is so crisp and not overdone.

The painting of the magnolia tree is by Ione and she suggests hanging drawings and paintings over photographs as they feel more friendly. I couldn't agree more Miss Skye!

She manages to pull off some really organic looking pieces like this low slung birch dining table and some extremely shiny metals such as the desk in the background. Her daughter is just too cute!

Most of her furniture is between 16 and 20 inches from the ground. She feels as though it is more inviting this way. She had this table shortened so her frequent guests can sit and eat Japanese-style.

Ione keeps this backgammon board out for easy pick up games. She hosts get-togethers and always has music playing.

Guests are expected to help themselves when they come over. She loves the look of the open cabinets and neatly stacked plates.

Maybe one day I'll run into Ione in Trader Joe's and she'll ask me over for a cup of orange juice.

The open door policy of the house makes guests feel at ease to swim, watch movies and eat anything in the fridge their heart desires.

HELLO KITTY! Using adult versus child size furniture in her daughter's room brings in a more integrated feel. The jute rug and cube chairs are utilized heavily in group play dates.

Ione keeps the toys limited to her daughter's room. Amen for that. Honestly, I don't have kids but I do have an artist husband and I drive myself crazy trying to constantly keep our home looking chic and not like a painter's studio. There's a place for everything people, and the living room isn't it!

Her office is connected to her bedroom so she has decorated with objects that inspire creativity as she uses the space to write and peruse the Internet. A mid-century photo by John Swope and a Doberman statue keep watch.

Her bedroom is more like a den, used to watch movies with friends and lounge around for good conversation. The rattan pieces pulls the natural elements of the beamed ceiling together nicely with a hanging egg chair by the Netto Collection.

Ione married Ben Lee in December 2008 in a traditional Hindu ceremony in India.

Congrats Ione! Thanks for sharing your ultra cool pad with us!

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Love it all! Any idea where her green bedside tables are from?