Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Irish Traveller Update

As I mentioned earlier, Irish Travellers are elusive creatures. In an effort to bring you the latest and greatest in cutting edge fashion and lifestyle choices, I have decided to expand my updates to pretty much anything that says glamour and elegance.


KittyKat said...

YouTube search vidoes of pikeys and whatnot. I've found a load of home made videos... mostly of traveller kids getting picked on or made fun of. I've got mixed feelings about these people. On the one hand they are rather apaulling and hysterical, but on the other, it must be pretty hard to move up when you're always being put down. I feel if the authorities were more strict with punishing them for crimes/brawls, things might shape up for them as a whole. All I can say is, poor fucking kids. It's like a never-ending chain of miserableness passed on from generation to generation. Too bad those kids are so isolated from the normal and functioning world.

Anonymous said...

u are soft who ever u are ok thats all i have to say ok