Monday, February 9, 2009

Kitchen Quick Fixes in Domino

Domino offered up some great and inexpensive ways to brighten up a dull kitchen using accessories and without having to do a major and pricey overhaul. Yet another reason why apartment dwellers and renters loved Domino so very much.


All the white and stainless steel in the kitchen above would be very stark without the red highlights the accessories provide. That enamelware looks tres chic. I don't really get a French Flea Market vibe from this, but it is a cute kitchen.

I don't necessarily like the way they dressed this kitchen any better, but I do like the citrus color of these accessories. Makes me want a glass of lemonade on this rainy, dreary day. Can I draw attention to that step stool? I mean, I love me some Kartell and feel as though my Kartell affection has paid many a months rent for their Robertson storefront, but $320 for a friggin stepladder? That's crazy talk.

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