Monday, February 16, 2009

Locale Lowdown: Billion Dollar Brows in Beverly Hills

I used to look forward to visiting my good friend Jeddie in Northern Virginia a couple of times a year for two reasons: 1. to catch up with an old college friend and 2. to use her magnifying mirror to stare at my pores and pluck all of my eyebrow hair out. The last time I was at Jeddie's house, I said hello, nice to see you, then went straight to her master bathroom in search of said mirror. To my shock and horror it was nowhere to be found. I asked her where this marvelous and enthralling mirror was hiding? She told me her husband made her get rid of it because she was plucking all of her eyebrows out and starring at her pores for far too long. RUDE! Naturally, I added one of these magic mirrors to my registry when I got married and my dearest Auntie Helen was kind enough to purchase one for me.

Needless to say, my eyebrows suffered. I am not overly hairy genetically (I am a freak of an Italian) and I don't have much eyebrow growth so I too had to end my affair with the magic mirror. My friend Mel asked me where was a good place to get her brows shaped because Mel always asks me these things. I had been to Anastasia before but honestly usually just get a quick wax at the nail salon when I even think about it. I pass by Billion Dollar Brows on my way home from the office and I had heard some chatter about it being good. I told her about BDB and to count me in. Mel made us some appointments on Friday and here's how it went.

Billion Dollar Brows is a smallish yet stylish little shop on Charleville just off Beverly. There are several Brow Artists on hand but I HIGHLY recommend Megan because she is awesome. The wax was not hot and I didn't feel a thing, seriously. Megan is a brow goddess.

BDB has been written up and highlighted A LOT on shows like E! and US Weekly and such. The reception desk has some nicely framed publications hanging in some mirrored frames.

Mel was a good sport to pose for my blog photo. Plus I was finished before her so she had no choice in the matter.

BDB had a chic foil wallpaper on the back wall and buttercup leather salon chairs. Their whole look was very much like my wedding, so I liked it. They even had one of my candelabras from my bridal party table in the salon.

And here's the final result! I gotta say that I loved it. I always wanted more of an arch in my brow but never knew how to create that chola look. Megan took a considerable amount of my brow from the top (I always thought you weren't supposed to do that?) so she could alter the shape and create more of an arch. BDB rocks!


Arlynn said...

I am a brow wax fanatic! I appreciate a good, not stress waxing job almost as much as the perfect arch & I have to admit, yours is pretty perfect!

Horray for you for finding BDB, lucky girl - I'll have to look this place up next time I'm in town : )



♥ Chloe said...

Holy moly, nice brows!

Lucinda said...

Thanks! Definitely check out BDB if you're in the area...