Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Overnight Guest Etiquette

Paul Costello & Yuko Shimzu

Remember Muse Marian McEvoy? While I don't share her affinity for glue guns, I do think she's a modern day Emily Post. In Domino's premiere issue she tackled the overnight guest and there were some good points.

1. Kit out the guest room before they arrive; clean sheets, Kleanex, bottled water and fresh flowers.
2. When guests arrive take them and their bags directly to their prospective room and help them get situated.
3. You should spend at least one night a season in the guest room to ensure that it is indeed comfortable. Hubby sleeps there often, I make too much noise for his early schedule.
4. Every guest should have two large towels, a reading light, a place to stash luggage and a place to hang clothes.
5. Don't overdo it; too many floral arrangements, candles, a fully stocked mini bar, plush farm animals, condom and PMS options aren't for everyone.
6. Leave the hotel toiletries in the hotel - don't pack your guest bathroom with useless products you didn't even give a go at, especially ones that should have been thrown out several years prior.
7. Give your guests their own time, don't monopolize every hour with things for them to do. They will appreciate a little alone time.
8. The best thing you can do is provide good information - provide local restaurant, museum, sight seeing, etc. info and let them know these are all there for them to enjoy if they desire.

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