Thursday, February 19, 2009

Please Cheer for Carla!

I don't care if Carla looks like Sideshow Bob or Beeker, she is my favorite and that's all you need to know. Carla is my breath of fresh air, my hope for all things culinary, she had me at, "Gurrrrl you don't even have to say it".

I want Carla to win because she has amazing hair and magical glasses. She only has to beat out Hosea "Bugs Eyes" who would throw his own mother under the bus and Stefan "I don't understand why lesbians don't want to make out with me". No one likes Stefan and only Leah likes Hosea so that is why you need to throw your support behind Carla. Carla is sweet and kind and offers her help to anyone regardless of if she is finished with her own dish or not. She deserves to win because I love her. I LOVE YOU CARLA!!!!

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SGM said...

WOOOOO CARLA! For a long time, she was at the bottom and I was baffled at how she managed to stick around, but then she started talking about cooking with love....and I loved her.

SO proud of her with the Mardi Gras challenge. Such poise!