Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Trophy Hangers

Angeleno Interiors debuted last month and on their Taste Test page, they took a look at Trophy Hangers. I have seen these popping up here and there recently so I think we need to take a closer look. Here's some local Los Angeles designer's opinions on these little guys:

Trophy Hangers by Phil Cuttance

Nathan Turner: The giraffe head and tails are cheeky and could be implemented anywhere.

Jaime Rummerfield: I love creepy and curious objects, but that giraffe cut into two is appalling! Anything that hints of animal cruelty is wrong!

JR & RK: Lacks the whimsy and proportions to be anything more than bad wall art at Cost Plus World Market.

Angeleno Interiors

I dunno, they aren't so bad. Of course I do like obscure and green efforts at taxidermy, but I don't see the whole animal cruelty playing into this piece. I could do without the butts, maybe just the heads which seem like they would make a more functional hook anyways.

If these designers are so disturbed by these little giraffe hangers, I ask them to take a look at this:

Marie Claire Maison

The goth aspect is working, but those hand hangers are a bit much. I feel way more creeped out by these than I do by the trophy hangers.

Marie Claire Maison

Like that middle hand is gonna grab me by the neck of my shirt as I'm walking by and as if to say, "HEY! Do you know what your problem is"?????

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