Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

On Saturday after my letterpress class (more on that later) hubby and I walked over to LACMA to check out the Broad Contemporary Art Museum. We have been slackers seeing as we're a whole block away and missed the Renzo Piano opening but needless to say we finally made it over there in an effort to do something both free and green.

This was by far the BEST part of the whole museum. A Porcelain Michael and Bubbles. Jeff Koons officially has a new fan in me. And it was huge, where will I put it in the house?

There was this great little car outside of the Cold War exhibit. I really wanted it, really bad.

Did I mention the whole front opens and that is where you get in? So freakin fresh!

My photography at night, the permanent lamp post installation by Chris Burden.

The older wing of LACMA housed the Hearst Collection and the Vanity Fair Portraits, both good and worth checking out. On our way out, we stopped in the bookstore. I gravitated to the Palm Springs Modern books and right next to it was this:
A fantastic book that you should spend your hard earned money on for the mere fact that hubby is published in it.
After a good heaping of culture, we headed over to Kingsbury on W. 3rd Street to watch the UFC Fight with a bunch of honorary Hawaiians rooting for BJ Penn.

Sorry Penn, maybe next time.

The next day we watched the Super Bowl and happily cheered the Steelers on to a victory. I wish I had a cold Iron City Light right now!

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