Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Los Angeles has pretty much looked like this since last Thursday:

I "borrowed" this photo off Google Earth which was kindly taken by Gabriel Patron. I picked it only because Gabriel has an amazingly delicious last name and Gabriel's photo deserves to be on my blog for that reason alone. That being said, I love the rain and am glad we finally got some, no complaints here.

On Friday, I met up with the Bride and a friend to go try on some gowns. She looked geat in everything because she is petite and slim but I think we have honed in on a low, open back and some sort of halter or triangle top. She is the best kind of client to work with, she likes all of my ideas! Yay! Renee Strauss rules yet another wedding!


So on Friday night, hubby and I worked on their "Save The Dates" again. Here is where we have progressed to. The final version should be finished within the next couple of days. So sick!

Saturday I had letterpress class and created some stationary for my hubby's little cousin. I later met up with hubby and we decided to have an extravagant dinner at the world renowned restaurant, Souplantation.

I must say it was packed, so the recession is not effecting the finest of establishments. As we were barely enjoying our heavenly Caesar salad and baked sweet potato with pineapple whip, the lights went out! It was some Cloverfield shit! The worst part is I did not get any of their tasty soft serve ice cream. If I hadn't eaten all of my pizza sticks I would have asked for my money back! So sad!

Sunday we met up with some friends for breakfast at Urth Cafe in Santa Monica where little miss Kate Hudson asked us to borrow some sugar. And can I just add that she is not starving, which I think is fabulous. Normal and healthy is not seen often enough in Hollywood.


Sunday was low key, I spent most of the day watching 90210 and One Tree Hill reruns on SoapNet except for leaving the house to buy a Wii. Hubby wasn't going to let up and had gone as low as trying to convince me that is was good excercise for us so I was like whatever, get your damn Wii. I didn't watch the Grammys, I was bored as soon as Justin Timberwolf tried to make a joke about a General Store. But the real juice lies in the fact that Rihanna had Chris Brown arrested for assault or threats or some shit on Saturday night. Teenage love is so volitile these days! I guess the present she had hubby paint for Chris this past Xmas will be neglected from now on. What a waste!

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