Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

My weekend was not good. Here is how it started:

I went to my little hobbit cobbler in Westwood to pick up my beloved Lucite and patent leather platform sandals which were there having the heel put back on as I broke it on New Years Eve in my friend Eve's house. I considered going to the Lanvin store on Melrose but decided I didn't care about paying the cobbler, he was close to my office and I would get them back faster. I walk in, hand the hobbit my ticket and he says we have a problem.

Me: Problem? What do you mean problem?
Hobbit: Your heel broke when we tried to put it back on.
Me: Okay....well just give me them back and I'll go directly to Lanvin and have them fix it.
Hobbit: Well...that is part of the problem. We cannot find your heel.
Me: I cannot breathe.

So you get the idea, the idea of stupidity and incompetance. I tried to explain to the hobbit how these cost half a month's rent, they were last season, I love them like chocolate, etc. He tells me this has never happened in 15 years, he's sorry, offers me a couple of pairs of Louboutains and some Ferragamo boots to make up for it, all of which were obviously shoes people never picked up because they were used and a size 6. I'm an 8 and not interested in wearing other people's shoes. He tells me he has called everywhere, do I have the box maybe he would have more luck with a serial number. I leave, dizzy, and tell him I'll be back on Monday.

Is this outrageous or is it just me?


Anonymous said...

moral of the story: you and tamra (oc housewife) have more in common than you originally thought... the love of lucite heels :)

Lucinda said...

Yes but Tamra's Lucite heels involve a sheer robe, flashing lights, a Ginuwine song and dollar bills.

mia said...

i feel your pain, lu! everytime i drop off at the cobbler (they don't even give me a ticket) i hold my breath... he needs to replace the shoes or give you what you paid for it (even though it's not about the money). that's how the dry cleaners work.
btw, i love your blog! you crack me up.