Monday, March 16, 2009

Air Dry Dilemna?

With everyone spending more wisely these days, I think we need to re-evaluate our laundry situation. When I was in college, our house had a clothesline and I got hooked on it. Despite the fact that we had a dryer in the house, I honestly preferred to hang my clothes outside. They smelled fresh without the chemical dryer sheet scent and the texture was crisp. So how come only very few people opt to use a clothesline over a dryer these days? Dryers guzzle electricity, and the Energy Star editions are not much better. I would guess it's a matter of convenience, but some housing developments and gated communities outlaw this eco-effort, RUDE! Project Laundry List was created by Alexander Lee to end this nonsense. Photography by Peden + Munk.

According to Lee, if everyone converted to hanging clothes outdoors, we could shut down the nuclear energy industry. In the U.S., our dryer saturation rate is 80% compared to our European counterparts at 4%, yikes!

And who says you can't hang clothes in style? Bodie and Fou made a black lacquered bird clothespin for $16.

Update: Mr. Alexander Lee himself was kind enough to reach out to me and point out that he had been misquoted by Angeleno Interiors, the source I had based my post from. Unfortunately, stopping the use of clothing dryers alone will not shut down the nuclear energy industry. Thanks for clearing that up Mr. Lee, keep fighting the green fight!


Alexander Lee said...

If everybody did things like hang out their clothes, we could shut down the nuclear industry. It will take more than that.

Lucinda said...

Did you not say that? I read that in Angeleno Interiors. Tell me more!