Thursday, March 5, 2009

Drop-In Guest Etiquette

Marian McEvoy updated her original post of overnight guest etiquette to include the drop-ins. Years of entertaining have taught her to learn, accept, submit and enjoy these drop-in guests. She offers a polite brush off to people she doesn't care for but considers neighbors and wandering friends well-meaning. She offers two steps to deal with this situation:

1. Everyday Maintenance - Keep up with housekeeping! Always make the bed, pick up as you go, if the house smells of dinner the night before light a candle.

2. Props and Goodies - Don't live with bare cupboards! Keep tea and coffee cups ready with cookies, white wine and sparkling water in the fridge, always own a dozen versatile glasses, and a small tray or butler's cart makes all this possible and easy.

She suggests a phone call you need to make, an appointment in town or a dinner you need to prepare as all good excuses for keeping drop-in guests' stay to an hour or so.

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