Friday, March 13, 2009

Exploring Chili's Atacama Desert

Chili has been a longtime favorite vacay spot for my mom's beau, he loves to ski and he says they have some of the best slopes around. This post is about some very different aspects of the country, their desert. Chili's Atacama Desert is one of the driest in the world and barely sustains animal life. Yet wealthy North Americans and Europeans have come to love the area for its adventure and exploration. The inclusive rates of hotels and spas cover expeditions and their exclusivity has kept them from becoming crowded and overrun.

The Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa is known for the tranquil relaxation they provide as well as for their catering to small groups on their excursions.

Clockwise left to right: Rough terrain of the desert and the Lacancabur volcano; Explora, another small excursion resort, is newly redone; A guest of the Awasi explores the desert ina jeep. Awasi Resort is different from the Explora and Atacama in that they let guests explore on their own.

Clockwise left to right: Guest rooms at the Atacama; the architectural exterior of the Atacama; Awasi thatched roof dining rooms and pool; Explora's stables; a lunchtime break at Explora.

Off roading by the Atacama Laguna Verde. Beautiful, huh?
So rates for Explora from about $2000 per person for three nights; Tierra Atacama are from $840 for two nights; and Awasi from $1300 for two nights.

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