Monday, March 9, 2009

Goat Farm Goes Glam

Restaurateurs Bruce Carey and Joe Rogers had a great condo in Portland's Pearl District which had picturesque views and easy access to their four local dining spots. Infant son Henrich was about to arrive and beak all that convenience up, RUDE! Well, the couple just decided to buy an old goat ranch in West Hills that included four bedrooms, 4,000 sq. ft., three acres, and some current tenants, aka goats and chickens. A little sprucing would eventually give them a beautiful house to call home. Photography by John Granen.

Bruce Carey, also an interior designer, enjoys the fireplace in his living room. During the renovation, the fireplace stayed intact and so did the armchairs which also came with the house. The coffee table is cut down dining table.

The couple kept the hemlock paneling throughout the house and even darkened its color in different rooms. Vintage wing chairs are upholstered in silver mohair velvet with lambs wool throws.

Lighting in the dining room courtesy of a church salvage, good find! Storm Tharp (a family friend) artwork is seen throughout the house.

Tree stump table courtesy of Joe Rogers. Joe is seen entertaining little Heinrich in the living room above.

Aggregate floor was original to the study. More views of the hemlock paneling provide a nice backdrop for the extensive art collection.

Sugar, a Hungarian Pointer, also made the move to the goat farm. Isn't it funny how we transform our living spaces to accommodate the smallest things like babies and dogs? Sugar is enjoying the original hall flooring of the sunken living room. Kitchen cabinets are IKEA. I spy Jonathan Adler on the counter top!

A better view of the kitchen shows granite counter tops (boo!) and some of the IKEA cabinet doors replaced with stained glass.

Danish modern furniture is seen in the bedrooms of the ranch as it is the couple's favorite style. The master bedroom has a large airy window at the foot of the bed. A Michael Russo picture adorns the wall over a vintage credenza.

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