Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Industrial Age Decor

Do any of you watch Big Love? The last few episodes have featured scenes shot in Barb's brother-in-law's office and I immediately noticed his aviation decor. Or what about the Pan Am office of Alec Baldwin in The Aviator? I think it's kind of fetching in the right place. Above are some pieces from Nicholas Brawer in Manhattan. If you like this industrial look, definitely check out Empiric on Beverly. They have some really eclectic pieces ranging from steel and metal to vintage hospital furniture.


Arlynn said...

I definately appreciate aviation decor; my dad works at Delta airlines & always had a love for the mechanical bird & an appreciation for all of its pieces, parts & inner worksings that I grew to appreciate as well.

Nice find!

Annie Empiric said...

Big Love indeed!! Thanks for all the big love sent my way this week.