Thursday, March 26, 2009

Janus et Cie at Westweek

Westweek at the Pacific Design Center kicked off yesterday and I attended the Janus et Cie showroom and cocktail reception. Since I am never one to be "Tardy to the Party", I happily rsvp'd when they invited me to their event. I love the outdoor furniture Janus et Cie creates; their materials are sustainable and durable and their design is chic and luxurious. Below are a few pictures from last night.

Hubby accompanied me last night which is never much of a challenge when an open bar is involved. He can hold his own against the well coiffed and impeccably dressed Los Angeles interior designers and I'm not talking about the ladies.

See? If you are a single homosexual in this city and into grooming, appearance and cut and sew mastery, you should definitely be hanging out at the Pacific Design Center.

I like how they made this table scape look so upscale. Janus et Cie makes furniture that mimics the design of an indoor piece but has the air of an outdoor piece.

This patio umbrella was huge! Definitely my favorite piece in the showroom.

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Patricia Gray said...

Great post Lucinda...I have been to their showroom in LA. Wished I lived closer. You are so lucky!!