Friday, March 6, 2009

Jonathan Adler + Me = BFF

As many of you know, I love me some Jonathan Adler. There are several reasons: it's happy chic, I love Porcelain, the L.A. store has fabulous sales associates, it's dog friendly, I took ceramics in college, it's functional art, etc. So when I received an invitation to attend an event in the L.A. store that offered 10% off all purchases and 15% of the proceeds went to Project Angel Food, I of course happily rsvp'd. I am still missing a couple of items from my registry so I figured I would stop in, have a glass of vino and pick up a couple of things for the house. When I arrived last night, the store was full of life and friendly conversation...

I got there early, so folks were still arriving. There was a bar and crudites all over the store.

I was tempted to invest in these fab belt pillows or maybe even a monogrammed needlepoint as seen in the far right corner, but I decided it wasn't a good idea with my French Bulldog aka throw pillow tyrant at home.

Everything was set up pristine as usual but there were several muse candles burning and glorious tulips adorning the Druggist Jars. I have this set in black at home and they look great all lined up on my dining room table. The lovely lady in the yellow towards the back chatted with me for awhile. She works for the company in NY and filled me in about the Barbie Beach House Jonathan has designed in Malibu. More on that here.

The Dora Maar vase had a gazillion giant peacock feathers that looked gorgeous. If you look on the book table to the right, you can see the Man & Woman Utopia Decanters in the large size. These were up for raffle which I of course entered, fingers crossed!

More views of the Druggist Jars and some great new picture frames. The wall reads, "Stroking our pots is addictive...and there is no known cure".

The Jonathan Adler mantra: "We believe in Palm Beach style: Louis chairs, chinoiserie, Lily Pulitzer, The Breakers circa '72". Little did I know there was a surprise I had no idea about.......

JONATHAN ADLER! He was actually there! I was very excited! Of course, he is just as adorable as I thought he would be. I hung back and talked with the lady from his company and she brought me over to him to introduce us.

We are total BFF now! He complimented my coat and told me how great I looked, how he loved that I stood out in the crowd and told me I should just live in the store. We briefly chatted about his husband Simon and Simon's job at Barney's, my wedding, J.Crew, and the charity at hand, Project Angel Food. I was ecstatic to meet him and even happier to know that he is truly sweet and kind hearted.

I purchased two Darjeeling tea mugs to match my Darjeeling tea pot and the Saville Valet Tray for hubby's jewelry. Jonathan offered to autograph them! I am such a lucky girl! For more on Jonathan and his products, visit his website at


Arlynn said...

WOW, you lucky, lucky girl!!! How fun!?! I'm super jealous... not only did that look like a fab event, but you got to meet JA : )

♥ Chloe said...

Wait a second wait a second WAIT A SECOND.

You love Jonathon Adler AND have a frenchie?!

Twin sister, is that you? *squints*

Just kidding. But no, for reals- my twin sister looooves everything Mr. Adler and is getting a french bulldog to add to her brood next week. Freaky.

And how great that you got to meet him! And how darling are you in your darling J. Crew jacket! I'm convinced you're the only person on the face of this planet that can pull off that color- it looked like hell on me. Or I looked like hell in it. Orrr...something. :(

Lucinda said...

He really was the bees knees! I was sweating with excitement but didn't want to take my coat off as it was the topic of conversation!

I was weary of the color at first too cause it looked much more marigold online but much more curry in person, but I had to have it. Thanks for your kind compliments!

Anonymous said...

LADY! First of all, may I say you are stunning? That jacket absolutely suits you. It sounds like you had lots of fun, I knew Adler had to be fun, and nice because of Mr. Doonan's books. He is hilarious, and someone I would like to put in my coat pocket.

Thank you for your kind wishes, we are excited. More than 30amps of excitement, so I think we're going to blow the electrical circuits in our quaint home!

SGM said...

EEK! Look at you! And look how happy JA is to be with you. I think that photo should be your holiday card next year. :)