Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Office

If you were lucky yesterday you were out drinking green beer in a crowded bar and getting pinched by drunken Irishmen and Irishwomen for not wearing green. And if you were like me, you were stuck in your office wishing you were like those said lucky people. That prompts my post from Domino on work creative work spaces. Hugh Stewart photographed the offices of the President of Coach and the Executive V.P. of Design & Product Development for Banana Republic and they are in fact quite inspired.

Coach's Reed Krakoff treats his space like his living room and library as clearly seen by the stacks of books above.

Reed says he never sits at this desk, such a shame, I love it!

Reed's inspiration board has everything from vintage magazine covers to tote bags. He says he respects his wife's opinion most when it comes to design. He describes her tastes as European explaining that she likes something for what it is and not who makes it. Maybe that explains Coach's continuously reasonable prices.

Deborah Llyod's Banana Republic workspace was up next. She had this beautiful table built so everything could be spread out neatly as she can't work in clutter. She said ugly things like her old fax machine stifles her creativity.

Deborah leans on one of the two oversized parsons tables she uses as a desk.

And for your viewing pleasure, my office. My desks is opposite this work table and sometimes messy but mostly organized.

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Abby said...

Did I read somewhere that Coach's Reed also redesigns his office completely every 2-3 years? Oh to have that kind of flexibility...and expense account!

Great post! I love that Domino article as well, *tear*