Monday, March 9, 2009

People Who Live in Glass Houses

The idea of a glass house to most people makes no sense and for obvious reasons. However, in our changing climate maybe it is not such a stretch. They are efficient, sustainable, recyclable, can filter the sun's heat, and can effectively insulate. Glass curtain walls can generate electricity with some photovoltaic additions as well. Does this make their appeal more rational? Photography by Eric Johnson.

Phillip Johnson's Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut built in 1949 is on 47 acres and currently owned by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Only the bathroom is enclosed. Johnson died at 98 in 2005.

Rice University Professor of Architecture Michael Bell's Hudson River Valley House evokes Johnson's design. Originally designed for the long impoverished Fifth Ward of Houston. Cost of building was $113K.

Werner Sobek's R128 House in Stuttgart, Germany is the efficient example we should move towards today.


Arlynn said...

What amazing homes!?! You always have such Unique & Chic posts & that's why you deserve this award:

Enjoy & pass the love on to some of your favorites!



Vanessa said...

So gorgeous. I'd probably be scared of ax murderers at night, but it really is stunning.