Thursday, March 5, 2009

Plans Ahead

Gregory La Vardera was an average small town architect in New Jersey and the crux of his work came from doing additions to existing local homes when he decided there was something more he could be giving to the world of residence design. Recalling that most dwellings built in the 18th and 19th and even into the 20th centuries were built from drawn plans made available to the public via books and pamphlets, La Vardera decided he would give it a go and see if he could become the main man supplying plans. Counting on the fact that most homes built in the U.S. are not actually designed by architects, he hoped there would be some demand for a custom looking home the prefab fell short of providing. He began a website selling modern stock plans,, and after a few trials it is up and running and seeing some success. Photography by Chris Hunt.

A realized version of his most popular plan to date, the Plat house. This particular house is in Common Pond, Georgia in a community of green and modernist homes. I don't know about this exterior, it is very double wide looking and I don't think this would go over very well in an urban environment. It seems better suited for country folk thinking they are living in a modern house.

An interior shot of the Blondeau house redeems Mr. La Vardera, but I am still suspect of the exterior.

Strike three. This version of the Plat house is located on Prince Edward Island in Canada. This just doesn't strike me as a modern home, it looks like a country trailer the owners upgraded with windows and a sloped roof. No thank you.

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