Friday, March 6, 2009

Porcelain in Domino

Back in September of 05, Domino suggested grouping figurines and tablewares in white rather than using a floral centerpiece. Brilliant! Styling by Christine Rudolph, photography by Mikkel Vang.

Left to Right: Sparrow: $24 Global Table, Styrene: $190, Head Sugar Bowl: $106 Moss, Dancing Monkey: $600 pair Mottahedeh, Screaming Faces Teapot: $295, Curvy Vase: $60 The Antique & Design Center, Baby Pumpkin: $140 atelier Abigail Ahern, Candelabra: $525, Snake Skeleton: $145 De Vera, Arianna Tea Light: $375 set of four Troy, Elephant: $500 John Derian Company.

And for a set of my very own...

Left to Right:Turtle Shell: Vintage find, Monkey w/Leaf: $24, Blue vases: $40, $30 (holding the bouquets to my wedding and my best friend's wedding), Darjeeling Teapot: $110 (wedding gifts), Wii, Blue Ray, Cable Box, Whale Pitcher: $95 (wedding gifts), Blown Glass Oil Lamp: Wedding gift, Pineapple: $20 Ross, Peacock: Antique Big Bucks, Tarantula Paperweight: Vintage find.

So as you can see I am a big lover of the Porcelain and Jonathan Adler my new BFF, more on that later.

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