Thursday, March 26, 2009

Root Virus Warning!

My computer is so boss, seriously it is like one of those souped up cars in Fast and the Furious. But yesterday as I browsed some of my favorite blogs, it was attacked by a root virus, aka computer killer. This virus has been going around, it looks like your virus software and it pops up and appears to be scanning your system meanwhile it is downloading Trojans, root viruses and Lord knows what else into your beloved cyber pal. My IT team is working on it, but it is giving them a really hard time and they are so amazing so my point is this virus is bad. Be careful out there in blogland! Hence, I am a little behind in my posts today. I have lots to report from last nights Westweek, but until then, please enjoy a picture of Dede, an Indonesian fisherman who has HPV and has roots growing on his body as a result.


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Jill said...

Yuck! Are those his nails or have his fingers turned into octopi? Isn't that the plural of octopus?