Monday, March 2, 2009

Twigs on Trendwatch

Are twigs the next home trend? Angeleno Interiors seems to think so. Wendy Wong gave Alexander McQueen credit for giving twigs their decor recognition when he infused them into headdresses for his fall runway show. Now the interiors world is spotting these eco-friendly looking home decor pieces all over town.

Real's Deadtree Cabinet, more info at

Inspired by the partially submerged trees in Sri Lanka, the Lunuganga Shelf by Wok Media is a bargain at $571. Take a look at their website, they give a lot of different usage options for this piece.

Janus et Cie's Twig Candlesticks are a fab find at $291. Janus et Cie was just kind enough to invite me to view their 2009 collection later this month for Westweek so I will be reporting all of that back to you as well. I really love this company, check them out at

This is an odd piece and with a name like the Stink coffee table I'm not sure I'll be using this anytime soon. Dylan Gold design in walnut for Link Studios.

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