Thursday, March 12, 2009

Versace at The Plaza

I started thinking about the whole Versace empire the other day when I posted the Villa d'Este in Lake Como. A powerful fashion house in the nineties, after Gianni's death the company went through many transformations. Then yesterday I was digging up some materials for the boss and I came across an article on their Home Collection in and old House & Garden. Francois Dishinger photographed Donnatella Versace in one of the two apartments she decorated for The Plaza New York as they began their major renovations several years ago. Opulence is not lost in this space but I think the color scheme gives a certain chic element that I don't usually find in such extravagant design.

The black and white color palette tones down the shiny elements creating a tranquil room.

The Jet Seat was a limited edition chair with a ceramic frame created with the Greek Key motif.

Obviously clothing design can inspire interiors in their textures and patterns.

Greek Key inspired China by Rosenthal.

I bet you didn't know Donnatella will customize your plane for the right price! She began the Versace Aircraft Interior Design Service in early 2000. Not bad, huh?

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♥ Chloe said...

Much like I wouldn't trust a hairstylist with bad hair or an overweight personal trainer, I'm not sure I trust this Donatella Versace person so much.

Kidding. That airplane is FUN!