Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dining Out for Life with Project Angel Food

The Abbey (B,L), Angeli Caffe (L,D), Barney's Beanery (B,L) Bergamot Cafe (B), Blue on Blue (D), Bond Street (D), Buddha's Belly (L,D) Cafe La Boheme (D), Cliff's Edge (D) Cafe Stella (D) Chaya Brasserie (D), Damon's Steakhouse (D) D'cache (D) Edendale Grill (D), El Chavo (D), The Farm (3) Gonpachi (D), Il Cielo (D), Jar (D), LA Kitchen 24 (L,D), La Cachette (L,D) The Little Door (B, L, D), The Little Next Door Market, Lucifer's Pizza (D) Melograno (D), Michael's (L,D) Minx Restaurant & Lounge (D), Mr. Chow (D), Nirvana Lounge (D) Nook Bistro (L), O!Burger (D), Pace (L,D) Porta Via (B,L,D), Prizzi's Piazza (L,D) Prosecco (D), Spark Woodfire Grill (D), Susina Bakery & Cafe (B, L, D), Tiara Cafe (L,D), Taste (B,L,D), Taste (B,L,D) Vermont (D) Whist at Viceroy (B,L,D) Meal Donation Key:B = Breakfast L = Lunch D = Dinner

For more information about this easy way to help Project Angel Food, go to their website HERE.

Alice Temperley for The Rug Company

British designer Alice Temperley has paired with The Rug Company for a capsule collection based on her girly and whimsical fashions. The small series will include a blossom shaped rug and three pillows from woven wool tapestries including the Florentine above. Very pretty, very English. Anyone suddenly wanting some tea and biscuits?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Irish Traveller Update

My mom used to dress me like my step sister when I was younger too. Only she never put us in half shirts and floor length mink coats.

CB2 Opens in Los Angeles

It's about time. I got invited to their private opening tonight but I have class so I guess I will have to check them out when they officially open their doors to the public tomorrow.

Ryan Gets A Pass

If you have ever lived in Los Angeles, you know two things; 1. The traffic is hell and 2. The radio sucks. I sometimes listen to the talk radio circuit on the way to work and Ryan Seacrest doesn't have the worst show on Kiss FM. He does this thing called Ryan's Roses where a listener with some sort of relationship problems or suspicions calls in and Ryan has someone in his office call the significant other of the listener and gives them an offer to send a dozen roses to anyone of their choosing for free. The results are usually 50/50 on if the significant other sends the roses to the person calling and right then and there Ryan comes on and tells everyone what the deal is.

I tuned in a little late into the call this morning but apparently the caller had been cheated on seven times by her baby daddy and two year on and off boyfriend who they were setting up for Ryan's Roses. Seven times in two years! Damn! Well guess what? The cheater baby daddy did not select his baby momma for the roses, what a shock! But the best part came when the baby daddy started to call the baby momma a thief, accusing her of stealing his child, oh and a whore. Ryan got a little bent on this and pretty much told the baby daddy that he was out of line. He then goes on to say that if anyone on the call was a whore it was him for cheating on his baby momma seven times. Then the baby daddy tells Ryan guess what? You don't know me (total Jenny Jones style) and you're a piece of shit and what do you think about that? Well, Ryan in his best radio censored anger told the man he was a coward, a whore and a disrespectful loser and if he were the baby momma he wouldn't let the child anywhere near him and further more forbid the baby momma from every going back to him and told her he was going to keep close tabs on the situation. I started clapping.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beantown Bold

I cannot get enough of this Boston penthouse. It is bright and beautiful and takes chances with color all the while keeping in tune with a black and white, button-down, Beacon Hill reputation. The rooms mix Crate and Barrel with modern luxury high-end design to create a nice juxtaposition within each room. It's very cosmopolitan. Photography by Eric Roth.

The interiors were designed by Boston's own Weena & Spook. The clients, Alli and Bill Achtmeyer plus one, were already living on a lower floor in the 1886 Tudor-style building when the penthouse became available. Having a yearning for more square footage and a better view, they jumped at the chance to move on up. Apparently floor hopping is popular within the building as the penthouse's owner moved down to a lower floor as well. Speaking of floors, how great is this bulls eye tile design in the hall bathroom? Alli is originally a California girl and she wanted to pay homage to Dorothy Draper with a repeating pattern of black and white throughout the apartment.

Bold indeed. Another want for the interiors was a sense of Americana and marine blue. Benjamin Moore's Patriot Blue in high gloss is softened by the lush velvet furniture. Iconic design such as the Parson's table and the Marcel Breuer Wassily chair help to anchor the room. I usually do not like when the carpet patterns are matched to upholstery or curtains within a room, but here I think they have pulled it off. There is so much strong color that the pattern becomes a smaller detail.

"A butcher-shop feel" was what Alli wanted for her kitchen. Marble counter tops and copper pots meet topiary and Phillipe Starck Louis chairs. I think it is fantastic. So much natural light and a lot of space for storage and food prep.

This bathroom, JaDIE! The jewel tone of this purple really brings out the beauty of the veining in the marble. I also really love the way the bathroom is accessorized. It has natural elements such as the border of the mirror and the sea sponge basket to the side of the pedestal sink and some very Moroccan looking hurricanes as well as shiny nickel sconces and the same trim found on the vanities and walls of the Chrysler Building. It doesn't look overdone or contrived, nice job.

A guest bedroom and Alli's office occupy the top level of the house which opens up to a rooftop patio and wraparound views of the Charles River. Alli's office totally looks like my wedding! So of course I think it is spectacular. A saw-horse desk is naturally lit by a large window overlooking the patio and an over sized pendant lamp with a bright yellow shade. The custom chairs are JaDIE for and I love the black ribbon piping on the window treatments. The floors and walls are painted white to accentuate the natural light and the amazing view.

Did I mention that her office's French doors open onto the patio? And this is what it looks like. How does she get any work done? I'd want to be out there all day. The deck is 1,000 sq. ft. and has a fully equipped kitchen, staging area, pantry, and television.

The pergola helps prevent flooding from the Boston downpours. You can catch a glimpse of the kitchen off to the right. How fabulous.

The master bedroom was designed to have a masculine, all-American feel. The bedding and the window treatments were custom made out of men's suit and shirt fabrics and the walls are covered in camel colored topcoat felt. The trunk in front of the window was found at a town dump.

The black and white stripe that continues throughout the house keeps the primary colors from overwhelming everything else. Wallpaper by Jaima Brown.

A custom tablecloth covered round table in the den hosts family photos and glass cloche covered coral and shells.

The rooftop cocktail tray keeps the pattern going with a twist, turning stripes to zig-zags. Green and yellow elements as simple as bottle of Pellegrino and lemons and limes keep everything in a consistent color scheme.

The interior wall of the china hutch was wallpapered to bring the stripe element into the dining room. I must say, they didn't leave anything left undone. What an impressive penthouse.

Monday, April 27, 2009

When Trends Won't Die

Way back in 2005 the trend watch in Domino featured skulls. Don't get me wrong, skulls can be great on the right thing, but somebody needs to call Lisa Kline and let them know over there. Skulls on EVERYTHING? Like every piece of clothing in your shop has a skull or cross on it. Those cashmere sweaters were at Barney's and they were like $1,200 - $2,500! The tote is fine and even the plates are okay, but take it easy on the skulls people. Photo by Cleo Sullivan.

Chandeliers belong on a ceiling, not on a tank top. The pillows are not my favorite but I can let them slide. The plates are okay. I have some note cards with chandeliers on them and that is fine but the chandelier thing has been taken way too far as well. Please do not make anymore clothing with chandeliers on them. Photo by Mikkel Vang.

Hot Mess Mondays

Today's Hot Mess is courtesy of VH1, a repeat offender of all things that are hot and a mess. Daisy of Love premiered last night which will be the exact same show as Brett Michael's Rock of Love only with a broke down version of Janice from The Muppets as a host.

I know everyone has said in the past that Janice was a broke down version of Donatella Versace or Suzanne Sommers but I beg to differ. And seriously, I would just like to go ahead and apologize to Janice for the insulting blows which I have dealt her today. Janice, I ask your forgiveness.

There were three glam rockers from Sweden (triplets) who were dead ringers for C.C. Deville back in the day, who Daisy also dated. These three were Hot Ass Messes all on their own. They ate everything in sight and just wanted to party, but since Daisy is SERIOUSLY looking for love and not just a good time, she sent them packing.

I had the displeasure once of running into Daisy in a restroom not too long ago and I really only have this to say; when you reach a certain age in life or even if your face reaches a certain age before you actually do, maybe being a drunken, screaming, coke whore in public is not such a good look.

Wishful Fireplace

It is cold today for L.A. in April. I would much rather be sitting in front of a fire that in front of a space heater at the moment. I wish I had a fireplace if only for the accessories alone. Photos by Domino, of course.

I could never find a better log poker than this adorable brass fox head by Jefferson Brass for $84. It's a lot like the door knocker I bought a bit ago, and shamefully have yet to install.

I would always stock conversation worthy matches like Penhaligons Brighton Collection $40 or Vintage Pooch Paper covered boxes by Jenlew Designs $22.
A rustic looking basket to store all the logs, $285 Perrier.

And last but certainly not least, a good hardcover book, Loeb Classical Library, $22.50.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Kelly Wearstler for Sferra

You can now buy linens by the modernly glamorous Kelly Wearstler. Her collaboration with Sferra, an Italian linen company that has been in the biz since 1891, is meant to be layered with varying patterns and textures. The bedding line also includes table linens and napkin rings, pillow and throws. Any bets for when she starts producing her own China pattern? For more info and availability of Kelly's line for Sferra, check out their collaboration website, HERE. Photos via Mark Edward Harris for Metrolpolitan Home.

Super Stylish Super Markets

Austrian super market chain Mpreis has been practicing discerning tastes not only in food but in architecture for the last 20+ years. The family owned super market brand currently has 156 light filled pavilions mostly built out of gourmet materials such as steel, perforated glass, poured concrete and raw birch timber. Yet every location bears a striking difference from the other as each Mpreis store employs a different architect with noteworthy names like Dominique Perrault and Peter Lorenz. Too bad most of these stores are located within mountainous alps and elite ski villages, I would love to buy some groceries in one. Photo from T Magazine.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dim Sum and Then Some

How great is the new Kate Spade china ad campaign? Pink, Chinese food, Tsingtao, I heart NY....all things I love. Photo from T Magazine, New York Times.

Now that's a Necklace

Last night US Weekly hosted their annual "Hot Hollywood Party" to which I was not invited (RUDE!) but that's just fine because I was busy anyway. But what I really want to talk about here is the necklace worn by the lovely Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon. I'm not usually into big necklaces and prefer a daintier look around my neck but I would make an exception for this one. She wore a simple white dress and looked gorgeous. Does anybody know where it came from? JaDIE!

I have always like Etro and this necklace for $575 isn't a far cry from the one above, via Elle Decor.

And today beachbungalow 8 reminded me how much I loved that alligator necklace worn by Jessica Lange in HBO's Grey Gardens on Sunday. I thought it was so fun! I tried to find out more about it's origin and only came up with the fact that a lot of the costumes and accessories were in fact vintage and purchased online in auctions such as Ebay.

Raising the Bar

Don't you miss all those to die for Domino vignettes? I really loved them, especially this one on home bar carts. Not only can a well stocked bar portray old-fashioned graciousness, it can let you entertain at a moments notice and give your early dinner guests a helpful boost in conversation. Photographs by Deborah Jaffe.

For an elegant touch on a highball of mint julep, try serving them under a linen cocktail napkin.

A pack of Nat Sherman colored lights, a Coca-Cola and a double jigger add to a classic night of cocktails.

Amp up on the tradtional with a crystal whiskey decanter, some gourmet olives and box of monogrammed matches. Polish off this New York style bar with some classic Sinatra toons.

If you're more of a modern kind of household or even short on space, try incorporating your bar into an existing piece of furniture like this bookshelf. This pigeon hole shelf from West Elm makes for the perfect storage and easy access to a drink, all the while housing some of your favorite books.

Or try a rolling cart like the one above from Kartell. If you don't always want the bar in plain sight you can just bring it out when you have company. Some chic martini glasses and a mixologist book will give you that finished look.

I am crazy about this ice bucket and tongs combo. The Moma Store offers this orb-like ice bucket for $30! The tongs are Tiffany so you may have to splurge on those.

Some other handy Mod accessories that are easy to add are some white tableware and glasses and a snazzy lacquer tray. I like giving lacquer trays as gifts, you can never have enough and they are always colorful and fun no matter what a person's individual taste. R>

And for some island flavor, add some rattan to give your cart that beachy vibe. Fresh fruit is an inexpensive way to add some color to your cart and some citrus squeeze to your cocktails.

For an instant bar at parties, use this easily collapsible butler's tray from Restoration Hardware. Don't forget to play some Bossa Nova to get everyone moving.

My favorite piece of this whole spread is the stainless steel and rattan pitcher from Horchow above, a steal at $32. A colorful blender and some premium rum are necesaary for a good pina colada. And who would have thought to use a giant shell as an ice bucket? You know what they say, it's 5 o'clock somehwere...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Irish Traveller Update

Chav Wedding - kewego
Here's how it's done. Taken from 'Britains youngest brides'. Priceless
Keywords: wedding chav

The most amazing cinematic masterpiece to ever capture such stunning and elegant beauty.  You MUST watch this.  If the player doesn't load, go here:

Sustainable Taxi MX Libris

The MX Libris seen before your very eyes might be the real smart car. Alberto Villarreal, eco-inventing genius behind the Next Generation Project (running shoes that used energy from jogger's own steps to illuminate their path) has introduced the MX Libris, the first fuel-cell powered, zero emissions vehicle built for public transportation. While Villarreal was studying for his Masters of Transportation, he dreamt of a public transport vehicle that could take the unique climate of Latin America into account all the while being eco-friendly. The flat, solar-panel covered roof is the key; while it helps support the vehicle's electric supply, it catches rainwater and recycles the water into the car's cooling system. Individual motors in the car's wheels and electronically powered steering minimize the bulk of the car, leaving room for one driver, four passenger seats and ample storage.

The driver of the taxi is enclosed in a glass partition for privacy and safety and the front seat faces towards the three backseats to promote socializing and cultural consideration. Mexico City is said to have one of the highest pollution rates in the world, likely due to their alarming rate of taxis wholly comprised of lime colored VW Beetles that were introduced some 50 years ago.
The MX Libris was designed in the spirit of the Beetle and will hopefully take the place of the existing taxi fleet. Recently winning the Red Dot Award, Villarreal hopes his design will become unique to the Latin American landscape and something for tourists and visitors to enjoy.
What a fantastic concept! But why just Latin America? I would love to see these pop up in Los Angeles or New York City.