Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And I'm Back....

Jury Duty was nothing short of boring and miserable yesterday but I am not going to complain because I am back at work and not sitting in a courtroom. Thankfully I was not called into a courtroom and spent most of the day preparing for future blog posts. Austin Nichols was in my jury pool, you know, the alien from John From Cincinnati? Not so much on the looks or hygiene in real life.


Meli said...

Did you talk to him or get his autograph? I like his acting but never met him, sad to hear he's not all that in real life. What did he look like that was so bad?

fan said...

Sorry, but I don't believe your "hygiene" comment.

Austin Nichols - photos, candid photos and videos:

Austin Nichols Journal
Southern Gothic Productions
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Fifi Flowers said...

It is AMAZING that MANY celebs do NOT look like they do on the screen when you are up close and personal!
Last time I was in jury duty... Heath Ledger died... I guess I will be due to appear again soon... sigh!

Lucinda said...

Okay, so I have to admit I have some mutual "friends" and "friends of exes" of his and texted them vigorously when I recognized him. He answered to the role call of Nicholas Austin, as there was a Nicholas Austin in the jury pool as well. Then the juror coordinator had to figure out with him and all of us that there was an Austin Nichols and Nicholas Austin amongst us, so that is what prompted me to turn down my Ipod. He looked hella tired (aka rolled out of bed or front lawn or bar stool)and had ripped up inside out clothing on, which btw I am told he may not even own any clothing without rips in it. Don't blame the messenger, I'm just calling it like I see it.

Curious said...

I am told he may not even own any clothing without rips in it

Who told you that?

Meli said...

Thanks for answering Lucinda! I was worried he smelled bad like Rob Pattison. I don't know why it would bother me more, smelling lol, but looking bummish in clothes is better than reekeing. Or did he?! Did you get close up? I hope he wasn't drunk or hungovered. I got a letter for jury duty this week, 1st time but in OC, too bad no stars are here. Maybe I can switch to LA lol.

Lucinda said...

Curious - I cannot reveal my sources but the texting went something like this:

Source: Is he wearing guy-liner? Ripped up white v-neck with skinny jeans? Scarf?

Me: Inside out black sweatshirt with shoulder ripped out pulling hood over one ear while he reads a book, same green pants I bought my husband a few years ago.

Source: That's f*cking hilarious.

And frankly the other things told to me are not suitable for my decor blog,Dirty Birdy!