Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Designer Baggage

When it comes to your personal baggage, you finally have some real options! When traveling these days, you can forgo the typical black canvas suitcase and add some spice to your trip, not to mention cut your wait time at the baggage carousel looking for your black luggage while everyone else looks for their black luggage. Several companies are now offering real variety in designer suitcases and carry-ons. Samsonite Black Label has a handful of varying collections, some of which are designed by genuine trailblazers like Alexander McQueen. This suitcase collection, although odd, is strangely appealing to me.

The sternum inspired Hero AI1 and the croc-skin upright AI2 are both luxurious and chic on the inside yet sturdy on the outside. If you are interested in any of the Alexander McQueen Black Label collection, most of the pieces are sold out. However, they happen to be arriving on Gilt on Friday! If you need a Gilt Groupe membership, let me know! I'll be happy to pass along entry into the free and fabulous discount shopping club.

Viktor & Rolf are next on deck to put out a line by Samsonite Black Label. The vintage aviator inspired collection is cheeky and cute, like the mini-upright above with a change purse clasp.

Red and blue are the signature colors offering masculine and feminine styles and it appears that the handles and enforcements are made up of patent leather. I think it's fun and everyone knows we need to help put the fun back into travel. Exclusively launching at colette, they are currently available.

But let's get down to business, and by business I mean my husband's. Hubby designed two lines for JanSport last year for their Artist Series. Both Seeing Red and JoeX2 designs were made in the messenger bag, back pack, and wheeled up-right.

JanSport launched the collection in New York in January 2008 and hubby's quickly sold out! We got inquiries from all over the world. All I can say is some moms will not rest until they get their kids the perfect back pack!

This was the big ticket.

I use the Seeing Red set and he uses the JoeX2 set. Sure, we get a lot of questions when we travel but overall it's a lot of fun. I know some of his collection is still available for sale here, here and here. To see more of my husband's work, check out his website at JoeX2.

But give me a set of Steamline Luggage any day of the week and I feel glamorous. The classic designs and high quality leathers are divine.


The TownhouseLady said...

Your man did those? Those are so killer! His work is amazing! Jeez the style quotient going on in your house is ridiculous.

As for the other bags you featured, while they are super chic and elegant until I get my private jet I could not invest in them only to let the baggage mafia at the airport have their way with them.

Great post and congrats to your man on the success of the line!

Chloe said...

Wow! Your hubby is quite the artist. How neat.

I need new luggage. My set has seen better days. I'm pretty sure the baggage handlers played kickball with it during our last trip. UGH.