Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dress Me Up in Valentino

Valentino Garavani, JaDIE! The man, the myth, the legend has been dressing up the fairest of them all from Jackie O and Princess Di to Marie Chantal and Gwyneth Paltrow for the last 45 years. Now humbly "retired", his fashion house continues on without him and Valantino himself is finally enjoying a little R & R. He has a new documentary out in limited release by Matt Tyrnauer, Valentino: The Last Great Emperor which highlighted his hectic jet set lifestyle up until his retirement. Nandita Khanna sat down with Valentino for a few questions you won't find the answers to in the film and I was kind enough to highlight her piece for you all to enjoy. Photos by John Springer for Corbis.

Valentino will not travel without his Pugs, ALL SIX OF THEM! He keeps them calm by not having food around when en route, apparently they cannot control themselves when food is present. You'll see these little guys popping up in the new spring Valentino campaigns. My step-dad loves pugs and once had five of them at once.

Ava Gardner was his favorite movie star.

Berluti makes his shoes, Caraceni makes his suits.

He loves Jo Malone candles. ME TOO!?! We have so much in common. He takes them with whenever he travels. His favorite restaurant in Manhattan is the Waverly Inn and in Rome Al Moro for the carbonara. His favorite hotel is The Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio de Janeiro. The suites on the sixth floor have a private swimming pool and butler service.

He last read The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. He doesn't bring hostess gifts, he sends flowers the next day. He doesn't surf the web or email. His favorites of his watch collection are Audemars Piguet and a Cartier. He doesn't like unnecessary extravagance. Hmm?

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maison21 said...

dying to see that film, but heard it had already left theaters here in LA!