Thursday, April 16, 2009

From Irish Traveller to Stylish Traveler

Style guru Tim Gunn never looks anything less than impeccable. Yet, he says his travels are anything but glamorous. First of all, your last name is Gunn, that has to be some kind of fun at the security gates, no? Nevertheless, Mr. Gunn reveals his must have suitcase items that put my packing efforts to shame. Photographs by Hiroko Masuike and Davies + Starr.

Tim is currently the chief creative officer for Liz Claiborne (that explains the heightened fabulousity of their recent advertising campaigns) in addition to playing host for Project Runway.

So, Tim cannot travel without:

1. A dark John Bartlett suit and
2. A neutral tie.
3. Lab Series skin care. He says he treats hotel rooms like his own personal spa. ME TOO!?! Who knew Tim and I had so much in common.
4. A Tumi roll-aboard, which he always checks due to not wanting to carry travel sized products.
5. A Jack Spade messenger bag.
6. Tide to Go pen. This doesn't surprise me one bit.
7. Pears soap.
8. A Gateway laptop.
9. A shirt with French cuffs and
10. Cuff links.


The TownhouseLady said...

O.k. first off kudos, your title is brilliant.

Second, Tim is perfection.

maison21 said...

love tim- he comes off quite genuine & polite. quite a rarity in a fashion queen, ya know?