Monday, April 20, 2009

The Great Divide

How do you feel about room dividers? I think maybe in a Metropolitan setting they can be both stylish and functional and maybe in a roommate situation they can provide some sense of personal space. The need to define an area and maximize space can come up in small and large room settings, but how do you choose the right one? Photography by Angela Moore.

These circle and ring room dividers separate the kitchen space from the dining table. I think many people are faced with whether or not to separate their kitchen space from their dining space. On one hand they think of accessibility and on the other hand they think of the serenity a detached dining room can provide. These Mo-bi-le-O's by Wingard Home come in sets of six for $89.

A see-through curtain can help add ambiance in an open space like a loft or studio apartment. The opaque curtain gives some tranquility to the bedroom as well as defines the area. Hanging the panels with some space in between gives the illusion of a doorway. West Elm sells these curtain panels for just $24 each.

If you have a more artsy looking home or office, these flora and fauna Tyvek paper cutouts are a great solution to define space and they are machine washable! You can trim the panels with scissors to accommodate a custom length. Easy and aesthetically fun! Panels by Moss, $99 each.


Arlynn said...

Oohhh... Lucinda, you're so right - in a Metropolitan space, room dividers are such a smart investment to add functionality & ambiance to a room! I especialy love the sheer fabric panel look.

Too bad that in my home, in the 'burbs, it wouldn't work well at all...

Thanks for the pretty post ; )

The TownhouseLady said...

I love this post! Room dividers are such a necessity in the city.

Living in NYC with roomies I got creative with room dividers. I bought the giant rolls of prepped canvas from the art supply store. Cut it in floor to ceiling lengths with allowance for a pocket at the top (for a curtain rod) and bottom for a cut 2x2 (for some weight).

Had my artist friends each do an original painting on them and then we hung them up. When I moved out I took one that I loved stretched it on a canvas and I still have it today.

The TownhouseLady said...

re-write: stretched the canvas onto a frame. Duh.

maison21 said...

if a had a room large enough to divide, i would. love a screen as wall art though- covers a lot of blank wall effectively for a lot less $$ than art.