Monday, April 6, 2009

Hamptons Hangout

A Shigeru Ban house adapted specifically for artwork? No, this is not a David Hockney painting. A hallway parallel to the pool connects the hallway and the master bedroom. The roof is supported by floor to ceiling glass and oak-plywood cabinets. Hubby and I looked at a house like this in L.A. a few years ago, that is on the market once again....hmm. This house is so fab, I want to jump in that water right now. And to my friends lounging by their pools today who have the nerve to email me from their pools, and you know who you are, I hate you. Photography by Antoine Bootz.

Designer Shamir Shah made sure to remove closets to accommodate large pieces. The wall sculpture, Beer Can Butterflies, is by Paul Villinski. An Indonesian root table from San Juan Ventures sits on a Moroccan rug.

For those of you not familiar with Shigeru Ban, well, he's regarded as a genius. He recently built temporary housing for Japan's earthquake victims out of paper tubes and he's credited with spearheading the Nomadic Museum, a stately place constructed of shipping containers. The wish-bone shaped column supports the hallway canopy and doubles as a car port.

The kitchen area gets a lot of traffic, often catering to 35 guests at a time. Can you blame them? I'd want to hang out there too.

The foyer hosts a custom designed bench and striped rug by Shah. Excuse me while I daydream.


The TownhouseLady said...

Great house. Liking that it's so different from the usual L.I. East End homes. It looks like it was airlifted from the West Coast and plunked down.
Girl, it's still butt *ass cold here on the East Coast so take comfort in the fact that at least you can seek out a warm lounge chair in the sun without hopping on a flight. We won't get that weather till July.
Then maybe I'll get myself a fancy blow-up pool like Alex and Simon on RHWNYC for my tiny backyard (that I happened to have blogged about today).

Meade Design Group said...

Great Interiors! Love the wall with the black butterflies.