Monday, April 13, 2009

Hot Mess Mondays

Horsewigs. I know. But basically there is some photographer from Sydney named Julian Wolkenstein and he thinks it's a good idea to take pictures of horses wearing wigs. But I ask, Julian, are they technically "wigs" or would they be considered "weaves"? I need to know.
The Cinderella.

The Ginger.

The Rick James.

The inspiration.


The TownhouseLady said...

O.k. lady, now you owe me. I just spit coffee at my monitor. No, not figuratively- literally! This was followed by a coughing/choking/cackling with laughter fit.

How the frig did you find out about this? It's hysterical and yet deeply disturbing.

Let's all pray Julian's interest in horses stops with the wigs and doesn't veer into any other proclivities.

Arlynn said...

Hahaha... are you serious? This truly IS a hot mess!

maison21 said...

saw ginger already on another blog, and a comment left was "i see SJP changed her hairstyle".

we like SJP, of course (i'm gay- duh!) so your inspiration is better in our opinion!

still, the photos are rather pretty, right?

Lucinda said...

Fine Maison21, I must admit that I do like these wigged out horsies. I could probably find a place for the Rick James in the Chateau. Maegan said...