Friday, April 17, 2009

How Will You Spend This Beautiful Weekend?

If your weather is supposed to be as good as ours here in Los Angeles, you are in for a lovely weekend. Add to your list yet another reason to miss Domino with this article about starting your own get-together club. I don't know if I have the time or commitment to start my own club but these photos by Susannah Howe do indeed give me some food for thought for a small shin-dig.

Breakfast Club? Why not? Invite some folks over for a breakfast or brunch and most likely they won't overstay their welcome and take up your entire day. Or better yet, maybe they would help you clean up! Not to mention you'll still have the majority of the day to do whatever else you may have had planned.

Mimosas or Bellinis accompany any menu. I do love the Tiffany & Co. pitcher filled with OJ, very stylish and crystal with six glasses for $195.

Seersucker linen napkins and some Larder of Lay Lemon Jam from across the pond will bring sophistication to any soiree. Now, let's talk about the item in the top right, Busha Browne's Guava Jelly from Jamaica. Has anyone ever tried this? I don't remember having had this on my vacation many years ago, however the Ginger Beer is still a lingering taste I won't soon forget. Let me know if you have any feedback on this product, I am so curious.

And don't forget the French Roast! Breakfast isn't quite breakfast without the coffee.

If you're not a morning person, why not plan a game night? Whether your into Poker, Mah-Jongg or Scrabble, a game night is a laid back and fun sounding way to spend the evening and appeals to more people than you may think.

Etched highball glasses by Kate Spade are a classy and chic way to add ambiance to your home bar or tabletop.

Some accessories to enhance the game: Briefcase with 300 Poker chips $89.95 Sharper Image, Sterling Silver pencil sharpener $140 Penhaligons, Card Table $59 IKEA, Case of Playing Cards $45 Smythson, Bridge Basics Book $20 Trafalgar, Stainless Steel Bowl $32 Simon Pearce.

And for those of you unafraid of a little hunting lodge decor but not necessarily ready to commit to the full-taxidermy, Jason Miller has created a ceramic antler chandelier for $1,895 by Sublime American Design.

If you're not into gaming and consider yourself more of an intellectual, you could host a Novel Night and discuss a good book or maybe turn your attention to the hottest foregin film.

To help your pad acheive a wordly vibe, try incorporating this Moroccan serving tray $195 Sheherazade, Lebaneze wine by Chateau Musar $48 in a Soleil Wine Glass $11, wood bowls by West Elm $12 and a John Derian metallic pouf $285 is the perfect landing spot to read your favorite passages from an In True Blood hardcover $14.95.

Dean & Deluca makes tasty frozen hors d'oeuvres for only $13.95 and when served on a colorful dish like this melamine Jill Finchelle for $10, your hosting costs stay very reasonable.

Whatever you decide to indulge in, have a great weekend!


Arlynn said...

I love tihs piece & remember it too, lovely.

Unfortuneatly, the Hubs & I will not be participating in any "fun" activities as we're moving tomorrow, which I'm excited about & he's super stressed. Not fun...

But the weather here is supposed to be fantastic, at least tomorrow, and I'll be unpacking & organizing with all of my big new windows open : )

Have a great on!


Jill said...

Lovely post...We have a standing Monday dinner with another couple whenever my husband's schedule permits. Sometimes it's just the four of us, sometimes we decide to share the love with others. We usually have a's fun and something to look forward too. I love all of the ethnic items.

The TownhouseLady said...

It will be in the high 60's and sunny. Today I grocery shopped so tomorrow we can go outback for some swilling and grilling. We're trying to wrangle a few friends into joining us. said...

Such fun ideas, I want to start a club! I've been looking for fun adult activity suggestions, I'll be linking to this.