Thursday, April 23, 2009

Raising the Bar

Don't you miss all those to die for Domino vignettes? I really loved them, especially this one on home bar carts. Not only can a well stocked bar portray old-fashioned graciousness, it can let you entertain at a moments notice and give your early dinner guests a helpful boost in conversation. Photographs by Deborah Jaffe.

For an elegant touch on a highball of mint julep, try serving them under a linen cocktail napkin.

A pack of Nat Sherman colored lights, a Coca-Cola and a double jigger add to a classic night of cocktails.

Amp up on the tradtional with a crystal whiskey decanter, some gourmet olives and box of monogrammed matches. Polish off this New York style bar with some classic Sinatra toons.

If you're more of a modern kind of household or even short on space, try incorporating your bar into an existing piece of furniture like this bookshelf. This pigeon hole shelf from West Elm makes for the perfect storage and easy access to a drink, all the while housing some of your favorite books.

Or try a rolling cart like the one above from Kartell. If you don't always want the bar in plain sight you can just bring it out when you have company. Some chic martini glasses and a mixologist book will give you that finished look.

I am crazy about this ice bucket and tongs combo. The Moma Store offers this orb-like ice bucket for $30! The tongs are Tiffany so you may have to splurge on those.

Some other handy Mod accessories that are easy to add are some white tableware and glasses and a snazzy lacquer tray. I like giving lacquer trays as gifts, you can never have enough and they are always colorful and fun no matter what a person's individual taste. R>

And for some island flavor, add some rattan to give your cart that beachy vibe. Fresh fruit is an inexpensive way to add some color to your cart and some citrus squeeze to your cocktails.

For an instant bar at parties, use this easily collapsible butler's tray from Restoration Hardware. Don't forget to play some Bossa Nova to get everyone moving.

My favorite piece of this whole spread is the stainless steel and rattan pitcher from Horchow above, a steal at $32. A colorful blender and some premium rum are necesaary for a good pina colada. And who would have thought to use a giant shell as an ice bucket? You know what they say, it's 5 o'clock somehwere...


Arlynn said...

Ohhh... I do love this post & remember the Domino feature. And (believe it or not) had contimplated toing an at home bar post. Today. Seriously. I actually have been dreaming of fabulous outdoor rooms & designed a virtual one instead : - )

So, needless to say, I love that you posted about this today. I think that means I need a nice, hard drink tonight, as the Hubs & I hage the remaining artowkr & mirrors throughout our new place, ha!


Jill said...

Your right...the planets are aligning!! I would love to have a humongous bar...with every liquor known to man. Cheers! I'll raise a glass to you tonight. I'm starting early!!

The TownhouseLady said...

O.k., that's it! Between you and Jill you've got me convinced I need to pop a cork tonight!

So in the immortal words of The Countess...

Cin, Cin!

Paloma {La Dolce Vita} said...

I love this post. So many fabulous options.