Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sustainable Taxi MX Libris

The MX Libris seen before your very eyes might be the real smart car. Alberto Villarreal, eco-inventing genius behind the Next Generation Project (running shoes that used energy from jogger's own steps to illuminate their path) has introduced the MX Libris, the first fuel-cell powered, zero emissions vehicle built for public transportation. While Villarreal was studying for his Masters of Transportation, he dreamt of a public transport vehicle that could take the unique climate of Latin America into account all the while being eco-friendly. The flat, solar-panel covered roof is the key; while it helps support the vehicle's electric supply, it catches rainwater and recycles the water into the car's cooling system. Individual motors in the car's wheels and electronically powered steering minimize the bulk of the car, leaving room for one driver, four passenger seats and ample storage.

The driver of the taxi is enclosed in a glass partition for privacy and safety and the front seat faces towards the three backseats to promote socializing and cultural consideration. Mexico City is said to have one of the highest pollution rates in the world, likely due to their alarming rate of taxis wholly comprised of lime colored VW Beetles that were introduced some 50 years ago.
The MX Libris was designed in the spirit of the Beetle and will hopefully take the place of the existing taxi fleet. Recently winning the Red Dot Award, Villarreal hopes his design will become unique to the Latin American landscape and something for tourists and visitors to enjoy.
What a fantastic concept! But why just Latin America? I would love to see these pop up in Los Angeles or New York City.


maison21 said...

i want one for me! Maegan said...

husband and I watch a couple episodes of the series Future Car last week and DIED when we saw these. There are some fabulous new options ...well, concepts anyway ...that will hopefully become available in our near future.

The TownhouseLady said...

Those are adorable.

Lucinda said...

Seriously, these are so cute I want to quit my job at the architecture firm and become a cab driver in Latin America!