Friday, May 29, 2009

Wedding Week Starts Monday

My first anniversary is coming up and all next week I will be posting my wedding pics and tips.

A Stylish Dog Boutique

Something worth walking into actually opened on Melrose not too long ago. Orange Bone is a dog store that sells only rescue dogs from the animal shelter. Most dogs are between $250 and $300 and come with all their shots and a guarantee of lots of love and kisses. This model for change will hopefully find homes for countless rescues and help shut down illegal puppy mills. Orange Bone successfully found homes for 40 dogs within their first month of opening, and they hope to help over 1,000 rescues dogs find new homes every year.

The interior is chic with oval cut out partitions for viewing available dogs and puppies. DWR's Random pendant light in orange really gives the store a bright and clean appearance. A glossy white floor has little orange paw prints leading you to different parts of the space including a large variety of pet products for sale including brands like Coach, Juicy Couture, and Bowhaus among others. Everything your pooch needs for grooming, leashes and collars, toys, clothing, bedding and even Three Dog Bakery treats can be found at Orange Bone.

The storefront hosts a couple different PETaPOTTYs, an L.A. developed and produced "business area" for your indoor or high-rise living pet. Made of sod and using a bacteria eliminating enzyme to eliminate odors and stains, this pet potty is guaranteed for life. They even have a service that will come out to your house and replace your grass and clean your potty for you. So basically Orange Bone is not only a good store with good stuff, they are doing something good by helping all these pound puppies. Images courtesy of Daily Barker.

You All Have Detention

Only one of you turned in your prom picture, so Arlynn and I are the only ones going to the prom.  You may think you're too cool to go to the Prom, but you won't get to ride in Arlynn's limo or enjoy her comfy leopard throw pillows.

And don't be jealous of my silver lame backdrop or my ionic column holding up those silk flowers.And don't even think of coming to the after party, you all have detention.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Irish Traveller Update

Apparently Irish Travellers spare no expense when it comes to weddings AND funerals. Eddie C. sent me this photo of Paul Cash's grave from Eamon Dillon's book.

Renzo Helps Green Up

Metropolitan Home highlighted the quantity and quality of the projects being cranked out by architect Renzo Piano in this month's issue. Working for a firm specializing in theaters, we often enter the same competitions as Renzo Piano so I am very familiar with his work, especially the new LACMA edition two blocks from my house. I really appreciate his innovative form and function he introduces to space, often making strides in green design. His firm is recently finished an addition to Chicago's Art Institute (above) that features a roof that will help reduce the building's need for artificial lighting.

The man of the hour is shown in the newly finished California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. The ocular cut out windows in the ceiling of the domed roof is his latest experiment in green design.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Roughing It

The Rough Luxe Hotel in London is more than just a roof over your head, it is an experience. Interior designer Rabih Hage wanted to give it's visitors the feeling of being in a tent in Africa yet still offer a luxurious edge. The small hotel features rooms with peeling wallpaper and custom made sofa/beds. The lobby has an eclectic feel with it's Jonathan Root over sized portrait, Gilbert and George. Rooms start at $195.

Send Me Your Prom Photos!

Friday is my official blogger prom and I still need your photos. I don't care if you had big hair or chola eyebrows, all the better. Email them to me at I'll rent the limo, you get the flowers.

Hot Mess Mondays

Alright so I have been trying to get in gear for this post for sometime but after yesterday with my new besties Suzanne Marques and Chad Rogers visiting the blog, I was a bit giddy and just wanted to ride it out. Monday was a holiday and today is Wednesday, sue me. Before we completely usher out Bravo's NY Housewives, I felt it only right to dedicate a Hot Mess Monday to Kelly Bensimon. Kelly is more or less completely bananas. She is a very private person staring in a reality show. She has imaginary boyfriends and horse sculptures in her house. She doesn't like Bethenny but thinks childhood arthritis is cute. Vilerating is running in the street. She doesn't live in an insular society but thinks we are the same. The owls tell her what to say on camera so it's really none of our business.

Guess what Kelly? You may have two feet on me but I think I wore it better.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm Just Sayin

SNL was a rerun this weekend and the musical guest was the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. My husband walked in the room and asked me if I was watching Million Dollar Listing. This montage is what I like the call Yeah Yeah Chad Rogers.

Some Invites I Made

I adore my friend Melanie and I was super-excited when I found out she was having a baby. I offered to throw her a baby shower and by the grace of the heavens one of her co-workers was kind enough to step in and take over as I had gotten in over my head and had no time to plan let alone throw a shower deserving of my dear friend due to a heavy work and school schedule. I did however come through on the invites for our giraffe themed soiree. Time has flown by and the shower is in just a couple of weeks. They came out very cute, yet still appropriate for a little baby boy.

I paired the 4 x 9 creme colored card stock with a string tie envelope in Desert Storm. I used the giraffe graphic to address the front address label as well. What do you think?

A Library for the People

I first want to point out that I simply love this building from the outside. The vintage look of the brick is really lovely and the large windows make it all the more inviting. And inviting it should be, as this is the new public library in Gentry, Arkansas. Gentry citizens (numbering around 2,465) voted for a sales tax increase to fund the transformation of this once vacant storefront into a much needed public library for the town. Architect Marlon Blackwell designed the 12,000 sq.ft. space. In a time of library space downturn, it's nice to know that there are still people out there that want to continue to instill the importance of a good book. Check out Gentry Library for more information. Photo by Timothy Hursley.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Swedes Continue to Soar

Introducing Jumbo Hostel, another innovative and cool design concept straight out of Stockholm's Arlanda Airport. This double-decker 1976 Boeing 747-200 has been converted into a 25 room hostel that sleeps 85 people and hosts a cafe. Oscar Dios saw an opportunity to transform this 30+ year old plane into something usable rather than have it sit and collect rust out in the desert sun. A room will run you about $160 a night and has become quite popular with international travelers on a budget. The interior has been completely refurbished and hosts new space age looking furniture and sleek white surfaces. Although most people, myself included, want nothing more than to get out of a plane especially after a long trip, this idea might be just what our airports need with the travel industry being so unpredictable these days. I do appreciate the effort to make use of this colossal aircraft, and with the force to green up our living spaces by using unexpected materials such a sea containers for housing and storefronts, we just may see more of Oscar Dios' concept around the world. Check out more at Jumbo Hostel.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Irish Traveller Update

My new bestie Eddie C. was kind enough to send me this photo of Irish Traveller Paul Cash on his wedding day. This is indeed a rare gem. They look like the Elvis and Priscilla of Irish Travellers, I love it. Plus, I like his name, Paul CA$H. That's seriously hood.

Eddie also worded me up on Irish journalist Eamon Dillon and his book from which this photo came, The Outsiders. I will definitely be ordering Eamon's book and if you're interested in more of Eamon's work check out his website, Check back next week for a photo of Paul CA$H's funeral.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Doug Meyer Does It Again

Design guru Doug Meyer's house was featured in Metropolitan Home's Design 100 spotlighting the best designers, homes, architects, housewares, etc. It is a really good issue, pick it up when you have the chance. So anyway, I thought Meyer's house was bright and cheery and I am having a major Debbie Downer day and could really use some cheer right about now. And Maison21, the answer is yes, you can get out the pom poms and do a whole go-fight-win scenario which I would highly appreciate. Back to Meyer, his Miami abode is the quintessential of cute. The 1941 block-and-stucco on a corner lot features an art deco carved stone fireplace, poured terrazzo floors and original brass inlays. The sitting room above hosts a 1962 Marilyn silk screen by Andy Warhol and a Wendell Castle Molar chair, which happens to foreshadow part of why I am Debbie Downer today, weird?!? Photos by Mark Roskams.

The living room is made up of zebrawood paneling, a custom Plexiglas screen and a silver ball chain curtain. The Sandalwood Stripe rug is from the Doug & Gene (brother) Meyer collection for NIBA Rugs. Vintage Florence Knoll sofa, 1955 Martin Eisler chairs surround the Sedgewick coffee table, another Meyer's brothers design.

The man of the hour. He's kind of cute, reminds me a bit of Simon Doonan.

A 1960's cabinet was laquered by Doug in bright orange. Did I mention that Doug also paints and sculpts? One of his sculptures sits on top.

The round dining room was one of the selling points of the house. Doug also lacquered the 1960's chairs above to punctuate the Saarinen Tulip table. The roung rug underneath, Tears of Athena, was a one-off design by the Meyer's brothers for a past show house. The cactus planter divides the living room from the dining room.

A view of the exterior from the back yard gives a glimpse of a glistening pool.

The money shot. I really need a pool like this.

The headboard in the bedroom is upholstered in motorcycle-seat leather. Interesting watch caddy, no?

The other side of the bedroom features a collage wall Doug spent months collecting images to comprise. An Italian 1960's lighted wall sculpture anchors the blue Chinese Chippendale chairs.

Great pad Doug, thanks!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Because Lesbians Need Lighting Too

Well, the people of Lesbos anyway. Just a little homage to Angelo Mangiarotti's 1967 Lesbo table lamp named for the Greek island Lesbos and hand blown of Murano glass.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Will You Go To Prom With Me?

Tis the season of Prom. I have seen a few Prom goers here and there around town and a broke down stretch Hummer Limo clogged up traffic on the PCH on Saturday coming back from Zuma Beach. Plus I read about Arlynn's little sister going to Prom on Fleur De-licious today and it put me in the mood.

I will be posting my Prom pictures along with your Prom pictures on Friday, May 29th for our Blogger Prom. Send them in, along with your name, name of date, the year you went and where your Prom was. Or if they are that painful you can remain anonymous, whateves. Send them to Looking forward to seeing you all in your shiny best!

Have A Stylish Seat

Have you noticed your local restaurants stepping up their seating lately? Los Angeles has had a recent flux of design chic eateries that seem to be withstanding the two year itch and it may just have something to do with the comfort and I don't mean the food. AK, a well known Abbot Kinney restaurant and home to chef (and owner) Conny Anderson, will sit you down on a Eero Saarinen (top left) in green. When dining at newly opened Tavern by Suzanne Goin, you can relax in the comfy and encompassing Tom Dixon Wing Chair (top right). The stubby legs and towering back attracted designer Jeffrey Alan Marks to use the Wing Chair to give each diner a sense of sophistication. Starck brainchild XIV by Michael Mina hosts both the William & Mary Wing Chair (bottom left) and the Fratelli Boffi swan sided armchair (bottom right) in addition to several other seating options. So if you need a break from the Pinkberry Starck designed La Marie Ghost chair, there is always XIV. Photo courtesy of Angeleno Interiors.

Hot Mess Mondays

This one is for the Townhouselady...

The angry swan faucet. This fixture scares the shit out of me. It looks seriously pissed and if you have ever encountered an angry swan you know what I am talking about. Why do you think this swan is so effing mad? Did someone just come along and ruin this poor swan's whole day or something? Probably not. I think this swan just has a chip on her shoulder. Pipe down swan, I'm sick of your attitude.

My Dog-Adoption Anniversary

Today marks six years since I adopted Bad Girl from The Bill Foundation.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Dr. Perricone?

Does anyone know if this is really Dr. Perricone? Cause he's kind of a silver fox...

My Summer Must Haves...This Week

It is starting to look like Summer around here and I for one am more than ready. I am not really a one piece kind of girl, but this Tigerlily Coco $195 swimsuit is really cute. I could see myself lounging by a tranquil pool in this.

And I love the gradient hues of bronze and purple in this cover up. I guess I would have to find another bikini to match this better than the Coco above. Victoria's Secret $68, not bad.

I'm glad the gladiator sandal is still around this season. This beaded version by Antik Batik $205 will be a nice change from my usual silver Sam Edelmans.

And I always like to smell of coconuts or florals in warm weather. Philosophy makes a great body scrub that is the most fresh smelling product I have ever come across.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Starck Does Sinks

Design aficionado Philippe Starck has gone and drummed up a sink for Duravit. Made of ceramic, the sink has custom-fit strainers and cutting boards for turning basins into work surfaces. Make one in marble and I'll take two.

Fab by Fabrica

Aren't these bell jars simply divine? Fabrica student Becca Citron designed this series of four called Glass Martians for Secondome.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Of Course

This was not planned people. As I visited my dear friend Michael K's blog DListed, I saw this thumbnail posted under a beautiful picture of Kim Zolciak from RHOAtlanta posing with a Dwight/Norwood Young impostor. This is the demure and lovely Sheree on her way to her SheMALE by Sheree fashion show. She has chosen a carriage as her means of transportation because her beauty is too delicate to arrive by car, just like the Irish Traveller Bride below. I think the universe is telling me something.

Irish Traveller Update

A stunning bride is measured by the amount of space left in her Cinderella Carriage.

Bikes Are the New Black

Did you know it's "Bike to Work" Week in Los Angeles? The city is sponsoring several events including today's downtown organized ride, all in hopes that Angelenos will consider riding a bike to work at least one day a week to promote a healthy lifestyle and reduce our carbon footprint. Above is Ubicycle, an innovative shared ride program proposed by Jung Guen Tak based on his South Korean culture and their system of transportation. Available throughout the city by membership or for a one time fee, Ubicycle customers can use an electronic card to ride a bicycle from one docking station to another. Photos courtesy of Jung Guen Tak and Shin Hyun Tak.

Unlike other shared ride bicycle programs, a Ubicycle card allows you to transfer onto other mass transit including buses, taxis, subways and even allows you access to parking facilities.

Tak designed a Ubicycle docking station to take up the space used to park one car. Fourteen bikes can be docked vertically to accommodate crowded city streets. The docking station also hosts a solar canopy that absorbs enough energy to self-sustain the Ubicycle card reading system.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SixInch Design

Lovely chair, right? Would you like it as garden furniture? SixInch, a Belgium design firm has popularized polyurethane. Yes, you can leave this chair to the elements and simply wipe it down to clean it. There is no stitching, it's waterproof and it is comfortable. It also comes in a variety of colors. SixInch offers two formulas of polyurethane: Soft Flex for indoor use and Flex Plus for outdoor elements. High density foam and virtually any color? Sold! Photo courtesy of SixInch.

Muji Makes Cents

Have you ever heard of JETRO? Well it stands for Japan External Trade Organization and they promote Japanese products full of thought with clean lines and reasonable prices. Muji is a Japanese longtime favorite store of home goods and clothing that has started opening shop here in the U.S. Muji sells products made with the designer's sensibilities and and the users needs successfully communicated, creating a sympathetic resonance. What an innovation! But seriously, they put a lot of thought into products and I for one think it is about time. Like take this Evolving Bath Towel above for example. The design of the terry cloth is made with connecting squares so that when the towel wears out after too much use, the grid is already set for you to cut it into small squares to use as cleaning rags. Photo courtesy of JETRO.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Hot Mess Mondays

Seal. Where do I start? You and your baby factory wife have gone and thrown yourselves a White Trash themed wedding/renewal of your vows. I have a problem with this. First of all, I think people who constantly need to renew their vows are just attention whores and need to get over themselves. Nobody wants to see the same people get married every year, we have SoapNet for that. Second, you look a hot frickin mess in that mullet wig. You are like the love child of Cornelius from Planet of the Apes and Billy Ray Cyrus circa Achy Breaky Heart. Not cute.

If I were friends with you I would hate you. Now return Bruce Jenner's Olympian jacket.

Restaurant Design Trends

Dining By Design hosted their second annual fundraiser in Boston to raise money for Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids. Some of the designs are strictly over the top, kind of like a concept car. And some designs are meant to be implicated in the culinary community, like the above La Fantasie Japonaise by Duffy Design Group. Photos by Eric Roth.

The Teahouse is probably my favorite. I think the ceiling is very reminiscent of gills and it flows nicely with the colors and lighting. By Christofi Interiors and Gleysteen Design LLC.

This table setting title Deconstruction, had beautifully soft colors. By Charles Fletcher Designs.

And Natural Wonder, designed by Miechi Peng Studio. I could easily see this at Mariah Carey's house.