Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bikes Are the New Black

Did you know it's "Bike to Work" Week in Los Angeles? The city is sponsoring several events including today's downtown organized ride, all in hopes that Angelenos will consider riding a bike to work at least one day a week to promote a healthy lifestyle and reduce our carbon footprint. Above is Ubicycle, an innovative shared ride program proposed by Jung Guen Tak based on his South Korean culture and their system of transportation. Available throughout the city by membership or for a one time fee, Ubicycle customers can use an electronic card to ride a bicycle from one docking station to another. Photos courtesy of Jung Guen Tak and Shin Hyun Tak.

Unlike other shared ride bicycle programs, a Ubicycle card allows you to transfer onto other mass transit including buses, taxis, subways and even allows you access to parking facilities.

Tak designed a Ubicycle docking station to take up the space used to park one car. Fourteen bikes can be docked vertically to accommodate crowded city streets. The docking station also hosts a solar canopy that absorbs enough energy to self-sustain the Ubicycle card reading system.

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Arlynn said...

What a fantastic idea!?! I LOVE riding my bike & if it were even a remote possibility, I'd ride it to work every day (except for maybe when it rains, or when I wear heels or a dress)!